meet – March 13

Last night was the first big meet of the year. It still gets dark early and it’s not t-shirt weather, but it’s close enough for us! A few more cars and even a bike came out for this week’s and we had a good time. Here are a few shots I took of some of the vehicles there.

Beyond March 13 Bike

Beyond March 13 Accord

Beyond March 13 Mazda

Beyond March 13 Mustang

Beyond March 13 Subaru RS

Beyond March 13 Integras

Kanji’s Integra is currently on OEM Civic Si wheels and they look massive! I can’t believe they’re just 17s, they look really big on the Integra – but in a good way.

Beyond March 13 Integras 2

Beyond March 13 Subaru 2

At about nine everyone packed up and headed home, but I stayed after for a couple of quick shots of the Focus since I had just washed it. Cars still don’t stay clean for long.

Beyond March 13 Focus

Beyond March 13 Focus 2

As an update on the Focus, the side skirts were dropped off for 3M earlier this week. I told them to get to them whenever they could so I’m expecting that the start of next week they should be back. I’m still trying to find a couple more OEM clips though, they are proving challenging. Finally I have a part number but now need to find some in stock, somewhere.

Just under two months to DRIVEN 2013 now.


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