Euro tail lights: part one

Euro light 2

Today a very special package was delivered. I had been in contact with Mike at Rebel Devil Customs, and he had sent my way a pair of Euro Mk3 sedan tail lights for the Focus. A big thanks to him! These keep with the OEM+ theme, and are another rare item for the car. Currently they are the only known set in North America.

Euro light 3

These have been on my wish list for a while. What makes them different from North American parts is the addition of a rear fog light in each housing, below the reverse lights. In ours, that area is just a reflector.

Euro light 4

I will note/admit that these are actually NOT OEM pieces, but are instead aftermarket reproductions which are exact inside and out (and still had to be imported). I do plan on eventually tracking down some OEM items though, but for now am perfectly happy to have these in place and help make the Focus that much more unique.

Euro light 5

Euro light 6

With the weekly Beyond meet just a few hours later, I wanted to have these in place to show off. Out came the originals and the new lights popped right into place. In the above shots, the Euro light is on the bottom and the North American one on top.

Euro light installed

Ta-da! I am very very happy to finally have these. Mike only had these for inspection and quality testing briefly, and then promptly packed them back up and sent them to me. Thank you!

However, they’re not done yet. I now need to get my hands on the proper wiring so that they can be connected and be fully functional. Until then, they’ll have to be a cosmetic change. Yeah, I’m impatient! But I don’t care.


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