Guide: Where do the S15’s Emblems Go?

Today’s post is technically an update on the S15, though really meant more as just a quick guide for anyone else with the same question I had: where do the quarter panel emblems go on a Silvia?

S15 repaint 32

For the first handful of days after coming home from paint the S15 was running without the Spec S emblems on its quarter panels because I’d yet to figure out where exactly they should sit. Fitting the hood emblem on an S15 is easy because it utilizes a mounting peg so its location is predetermined. The rest of the emblems – quarter panels and trunk lid – are only secured via double sided tape so there are no holes or markings of any kind.

Beyond July 29 2020 1

I know a lot of owners remove all of the stuck-on emblems from their S15s (incidentally I will be keeping the trunk lid free of its Nissan and Silvia emblems because I prefer it that way) but I wanted these back on. I’m not trying to hide the fact it’s a Spec S and I liked how the blue S ties in to the blue interior of my specific car.

S15 Emblem Placement

I started looking online and while I found a few photos showing (kind of) some measurements for the placement of these, they weren’t very clear or precise. At a recent meet I was able to shoot the emblem of an S15 that arrived, and then by comparing this with photos from sales brochures (none of which were shot straight-on, which is why I couldn’t use them directly) determined that this appeared to be the correct factory location. From there I did the math and wound up with these numbers.

The measurements are in millimeters because this is Canada, the car is Japanese, and Metric is the superior system. Fight me. Haha

The height is measured from the indented point (valley) of the body line to the bottom of the “p” and big “S” of the emblem, and the distance from the door is measured along that same body line valley to the edge of the emblem (as shown in this photo, the measurements are from the outside of one dashed line to the outside of the other).

S15 emblem placement 2

With the numbers figured out the locations on my own car were determined, each emblem was held in place with a loop of tape so I could stand back and ensure that it looked right, and then the backings were removed and the scripts were stuck on for good.

Deerfoot City July 31 2020 1

Having these back on is a super small change but one I’m very pleased with. They finish off the sides of the car in my opinion and it’s nice to retain some details here and there as Nissan intended, which is the same reason I didn’t have the middle wing support deleted or trunk keyhole shaved, for instance. Hopefully this helps anyone else looking to refit these too!


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