meet – May 1st

As promised, here are photos from the first Beyond meet of May. They have definitely grown this year and as many have heard me say I keep noticing new vehicles attending. We’re already just one day away from this week’s meet, and if the weather is like today’s it should be a nice night for hanging out.

Beyond May 1 S13

Check out that dish! Madness.

Beyond May 1 Stella 2

Andy’s Skyline.

Beyond May 1 Civic

Cody’s Civic.

Beyond May 1 RX7s

A couple of nice RX-7s.

Beyond May 1 Derricks Camaro

Derrick’s Camaro was showing off its new ride height. You’ll see it at Driven this weekend!

Beyond May 1 GT3

Admiring the GT3. Ollie didn’t care apparently.

Beyond May 1 Ollie

He did stop for a photo though.

Beyond May 1 R32

Another R32 in attendance. It seems there are always a few around.

Beyond May 1 Row

As always, tomorrow’s meet will start at about 7, and everyone is welcome.


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