A look at: Jules’ 2007 ZX5

This past weekend while I was in Edmonton, I met up with Jules for a quick photoshoot. Her Mk1 Focus had just been finished for that evening’s 780 Tuners Season Opener and mine had been freshly cleaned following the trip on the highway.

Jules 5

We found a spot nearby and parked the cars together. This was the first time I had seen her Focus this year and it now has a set of one of my favourite wheels – the Rotiform BLQ.

Jules 1

The car sports a mix of OEM and aftermarket upgrades, such as OEM SAP bumpers and aftermarket black housing headlights. Part of the original blue hue was kept but the upper half has been sprayed matte black, as well as the lower portion of the front bumper.

Jules 9

Behind the tasty BLQs are some SVT brakes.

Jules 10

Tinted lights around the exterior keep with the colour scheme.

Jules 4

For suspension, H&R coilovers and KMAC camber plates help the hatch sit just right.

Jules 6

The photoshoot FOCUSed (ha) on the exteriors of the cars but there’s more to be found under the hood and inside. This won’t be the last time Jules’ ZX5 is seen here though, so I’ll save that for later. In the meantime, a few more photos.

Jules 2

Jules 7

Jules 3


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