Driven 2013 Part 1 – UCCC

To start my coverage of Driven 2013, I figured I’d go with the UCCarClub (UCCC) display. We had 10 cars in total, covering numerous decades and makes. A big thank you goes to everyone who participated and helped us have such a great group!

While I had attended Driven in previous years, this was the first time I had actually participated and entered my own car. On Friday we arrived at around 4:30 and pulled our cars into the oval. From there, we were given our location and began working out how we would arrange the vehicles. It was after 9 when the last of us finally left for the night, after hours of positioning cars, cleaning, and taking care of other details.

Driven Part 1 579

The show started at 1 the next day, but by 11 we started showing up to take care of more last-minute items and to have a chance to see what was present before the crowds arrived.

The photos below were taken in a random order throughout the day, so some are from before the gates opened and others after.

Driven 058

My Focus.

Driven Part 1 013

Solomon’s E90. Friday (while in the oval) it received a few updates to change the look.

Driven Part 1 069

Terence’s C.

Driven Part 1 014

Derrick’s Camaro.

Driven Part 1 050

Oscar’s MS3.

Driven Part 1 851

Sam’s F30. Brand new. I was not a fan of the headlights and grill when I first saw the new face, but I really like them now.

Driven Part 1 018

Alex’s Civic.

Driven Part 1 036

Hari’s Supra.

Driven part 1 027

Rich’s EVO IV.

Driven Part 1 223

Kyle’s Celica, which won Best in Show Restoration. It was a crazy weekend for Kyle; just hours before roll in the Celica was in the paint booth getting a couple of panels resprayed.

Driven Part 1 700

Taylor’s WRX. Taylor was actually showing with the Subaru club but he’s a UCCC member so I’m including his here.

The cars were all looking their best but we wanted to go a little step further.

Driven 360

Terence made sure it was apparent which display ours was, so he had a couple of banners made to put up on either end; one by my car and one by Hari’s Supra.

Driven Part 1 219

We even had license plates to replace our actual ones, and ensure everyone had the UCCC logo somewhere on their car. As a final touch we even had commemorative decals on our windshields.

Again, a big thank you to everyone involved as it couldn’t have been done without you.


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