Driven 2013 Part 5 – The long-overdue conclusion

At long last, the final group of the Driven photos! These are an assortment from various times throughout the show, with cars from various groups and booths. I hope you all have enjoyed the photos from the show, I know I enjoyed being there and fully intend to return if the show comes back next season.

Driven Part 5 186

Driven Part 5 192

Driven Part 5 204

A look under the hood of one of Stampede Scion’s FR-Ss. Hello, supercharger.

Driven Part 5 213

Ryan’s Civic, complete with a new For Sale sign on the windshield. I have the issue of Honda Tuning from some years back when this car was featured.

Driven Part 5 224

Right next to the UCCC booth was a group of VWs. This Mk4 looked good on the Rotiforms.

Driven part 5 255

I really liked this S14. Note the nice flare on the quarter panel.

Driven Part 5 278

Driven Part 5 298

This Subaru was really clean. Glossy black paint, good height, tasteful wheels; less is more sometimes.

Driven Part 5 305

Another shot of Reggie’s (old) Type R.

Driven Part 5 318

Back at the UCCC booth, here’s Derrick’s Camaro looking mean on those 20’s.

Driven Part 5 345

Another Integra from the Vancouver group (I think they were registered under the FourPlusOne name?).

Driven Part 5 357

A few plastidipped cars were at the show; of them all I think this was my favourite (Subaru hatch) because of the colour.

Driven Part 5 371

J.C., Punit, and Jason with their Lexuses (Lexi?) and Level One decals and Fusas.

Driven Part 5 809

For the final Driven 2013 photo, it’s back to the Vancouver/FourPlusOne group and the Yellow Type R. Yellow and purple works.


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