meet – May 29th

Last night was a surprise. A few familiar faces were present but most of the crowd was new. It was busy too! Lots of different cars came out and the almost-constant rain stayed away for the most part, which was nice.

Beyond May 29 group

This is most of the group present yesterday. There was one additional row to my left, of a few more cars (including my GP).

Beyond May 29 1 and Chevelle

This Chevelle was rather nice. It’s not often that a classic American vehicle shows up.

Beyond May 29 RX7

Clean RHD RX7.

Beyond May 29 R8

Beyond May 29 R8 and Saturn

This mean-looking R8 showed up. Also here is Matt’s Saturn again.

Beyond May 29 Ollie

Poor Ollie really wasn’t sure what to make of my R/C car and was a little scared of it, but I was able to get a nice shot of him looking up at me.

Beyond May 29 MS3s

The Mazdaspeed3s.

Beyond May 29 MR2

A couple of MR2s arrived, adding to the diversity.

Beyond May 29 E90

Beyond May 29 E90 2

Solomon’s E90 continues to progress with new brakes now. Note the special UCCC/Driven decal in the corner of the windshield. It’s only on vehicles that showed with us at Driven this year.

Beyond May 29 Civic and Integra

Kyle and Kanji’s green Hondas.

Beyond May 29 1M

Ryan’s 1M, seen on ill.motion previously.

Beyond May 29 1 series

Spotted in the earlier picture of the Chevelle, there was also a 1 series with some nice upgrades.

Beyond May 29 Stealth

A few of us stayed for a little bit after it started raining before calling it a night. Just after we left the rain seemed to REALLY pick up so it’s a good thing we didn’t stay any later. As always it was nice to see everyone and hang out for a bit. I even managed to go through another battery charge on the tC. See you next week folks!


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