meet – June 12th

For anyone following the news, today is quite an interesting one for us here in Calgary. Severe flooding is taking over parts of the city and surrounding towns/areas as well. With schools and offices closed today I hope everyone is staying inside if they can, and safe from what is happening outside.

These pictures had been waiting for a little while and with today being spent doing nothing in particular, I thought I’d finish going through them and post them at last.

It was extremely bright at the start of the meet, so after I took some photos I then put the camera away and waited for later in the evening to start again.

Beyond June 12 1

Kyle had the BEST IN SHOW (restoration) Celica out. Spy the UCCC x DRIVEN decal in the corner of the window.

Beyond June 12 2

Beyond June 12 3

Beyond June 12 4

Beyond June 12 5

Along with the sun blinding us the shadows were horrible.

Beyond June 12 6

Beyond June 12 7

Beyond June 12 8

I can’t recall the last time I saw an E30 estate in person…if ever.

Beyond June 12 9

Kanji and I spent a while racing the R/C cars around. He snuck his RX-7 into the shot here. It was an absolute blast until my battery ran out. I have since picked up a second and now have almost 4 times the total capacity I did before! Take that Kanji.

Beyond June 12 10

Derrick asked for this shot; the two Chevys present.

Beyond June 12 11

Beyond June 12 12

Beyond June 12 13

Beyond June 12 14

Beyond June 12 15

Beyond June 12 16

Beyond June 12 17

Beyond June 12 18

Beyond June 12 19

Beyond June 12 20

I hope these are at least something interesting to look at today and again, stay safe everyone!


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