They’re here.

Beyond May 1 R32

Obviously, Canada’s vehicle import laws are pretty good. Once cars are just 15 years old they can be imported and as a result we get some pretty special vehicles showing up on our streets. Recently though, one took me completely by surprise.

Not to dismiss their uniqueness or value, but R32s, RHD RX-7s, Soarers, and many other models can be found fairly easily.  If owners of such are reading this I’m in no way passing them off as commonplace or not special, don’t get me wrong, but we get to see them on a somewhat regular basis at our meets and shows (and it’s awesome!).

That said, a couple of nights ago a car drove by and literally left me speechless for a few moments. I knew they were coming to our shores. I knew that some had already arrived. I knew that eventually I would see one on the road. Yet, it still completely surprised me and left me searching for words. It was dark so all I saw was the pair of headlights coming up; the shape was recognizable but I didn’t believe it could be one…until it passed by and I saw the four round tail lights glowing.

It was an R34 Skyline.

If the owner happens to be reading this (I imagine there can’t be many more than that one in Calgary yet), please bring it out to a meet! I definitely want to be able to get some photos of it.


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