meet – June 26th


This just occurred to me; I somehow overlooked it completely. I never posted the shots from June 26th’s Beyond meet, which was now two weeks ago. I went to edit and post photos from last week’s meet and I was looking for one shot in particular for a friend when I noticed it wasn’t there. Where could it be? I was going to post it on the blog for him but it wasn’t in the group of photos from the 3rd…that’s when I realized that it was from the week prior, and I still hadn’t shared them yet. So, just in time for this week’s Chinook gathering, here are some photos from the end of June.

It was another super bright evening, as you’ll be able to tell. I only took a few photos this time around but I have many more from last week. Hopefully it won’t take two weeks for those to go up.

Beyond June 26 1

ST exhaust installed 2

This was the day I spent with Jackie at his shop while the ST exhaust was fitted to the STedan. I barely had time to go home and eat before heading back out to show up at Chinook. Mario and I were excited to show off the new exhausts on the cars, and several people wanted to see the project we (okay, I) had been hinting at for the past couple of days.

Beyond June 26 2

I imagine this would look quite intimidating in a rear-view mirror.

Beyond June 26 3

Beyond June 26 4

S14.5; these always look so good it’s easy to forget it’s a conversion.

Beyond June 26 5

Pristine R32 GT-R. I believe this has shown up at the Quarry Park and Polish Shows from the past couple of years.

Beyond June 26 6

If I remember correctly, in very rough numbers 3 quarters of MkIV Supras were RHD (correct me if I’m wrong). It would appear that pretty much all of Calgary’s are imported. Not complaining, mind you. I still want to try a RHD car sometime.

Beyond June 26 7

Beyond June 26 8

Brad’s Civic now sits on TE-37s. Darn Focus and its bolt pattern; I like these.

Beyond June 26 9

Aldrich’s WRX was sporting a new headlight setup now. And bugs. Here’s a car that’s always changing. Aldrich, you can’t leave it alone, can you? Haha.

As I’m typing this now it’s only a few hours until tonight’s meet; it’s another hot sunny day in Calgary so I hope we have another big turnout!


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