meet – July 3rd

Beyond July 3 5

Following the last post with June 26th’s photos, here is the group from the week following. I said they’d be posted before tomorrow’s meet so here they are! Last week’s are still to come but that post will be a little different from the norm. You’ll see why when I publish it.

Beyond July 3 1

The Celica made another appearance; reminding me I need to bring the Grand Prix more. We’re having the good weather now… Check out the roll call down the louvers.

Beyond July 3 2

Punit’s and JC’s Lexi. The third Mean Girl (Jason’s) isn’t here….

Beyond July 3 3

I still don’t see many CTs in Calgary; I’ve always thought they were kind of neat in terms of styling but this is making me like them even more.

Beyond July 3 4

Beyond July 3 6

Beyond July 3 7

Beyond July 3 8

Beyond July 3 9

Multiple domestics showed up this week. The Camaros, Challenger, and even a Tangerine Scream ST were there (as well as the STedan and Mario’s ST). TS is such a bright yellow, it’s crazy. I’ll admit that I may like it more than my Yellow Blaze.

Beyond July 3 10

Beyond July 3 11

Clean Mister Two.

Beyond July 3 12

A close-up of the Challenger’s lights. Muscle cars and black accents by the tail lights…notice a pattern?

Beyond July 3 13

Beyond July 3 14

Beyond July 3 15

Standard shot of the SE and ST; Mustard and Ketchup.

Beyond July 3 16

Who says we should try to sort all of the cars by colour some week? I’d like to see it.

Beyond July 3 17

Beyond July 3 18

Once again, the R/C cars came out to play and Jackie joined in the fun. He brought this beast of a truck – it was so fast that control could very easily be lost and it would flip over and over. It also proved it could drive over a 1/10 car and barely notice it. At this point I think Aldrich was driving.

Beyond July 3 19

Beyond July 3 20

Beyond July 3 21

I was about to head home for this night, but just then Pierre showed up with his insane WRX STi. Gutted, wrapped in matte white, covered in carbon fiber, and sporting a set of crazy-bright Gram Lights. Too much awesome. After we all crowded around it and spent another good 20 minutes or more talking, I then finally headed home. It’s so nice out that I always end up staying later than planned. That’s a good problem to have though. Let’s enjoy the summer while we can!



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