Updated display on the Focus

Last week I had the Focus’ Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) updated. All of the brand-new Mk3 Foci come with a new version from the factory, but it’s possible to add it to older (2012 and Job 1 2013) vehicles.

This fact has now been confirmed, but initially following the discovery of the new IPC there were many posts on forums wondering if the older models could receive it as well. From what I had read there was no reason it shouldn’t have worked so the STedan was hooked up to a computer and a little while later, the new display was ready to go.

The main reason I wanted the new version is for the screen seen below.

New IPC 1r

Within the two trip menus, there were four screens to scroll through; one for distance driven, one for time, one for distance to empty, and one for economy. Now in addition to those four, is this fifth which combines them all into one four-quadrant display. No more scrolling through to get to the information wanted, as it can all be seen at once now. It’s a small but appreciated detail.

There were a few more updates though:

-The odometer can now be changed between miles and kilometers. Since mine is a Canadian Focus it was fixed in kilometers before.

-The cruise control icon is green when activated, as opposed to grey. Also, my cruise now increases and decreases in 2 km/h increments. Before it sometimes went up by 1, then 2, then 1 again, etcetera.

-All trip screens can be reset at once by resetting when on the four-quadrant screen. Also, resetting is a little faster.

New IPC 2r

-And last is the new Engine On warning, for all of those times you open your door before shutting the car off…I could see this being very useful on a hybrid or electric car (since they can be completely silent when running) but I know when my Focus’ engine is running. Reminder, not needed. Haha.


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