meet – July 10th

With a free night I’m getting caught up on Beyond meet photos! Starting off with two weeks back, you’ll notice the signature in this set is different.

Earlier in the day I had filled up my memory card and I didn’t have time to grab another before heading to Chinook (oops). Kyle generously let me have his photos to share with you all, so he’s the reason you can see the 10th’s Beyond meet. Thanks Kyle! ThreeTwenty was and is still intended to be a personal blog but I do appreciate the help, so perhaps some more guest posts could happen in the future?

You’ll also notice no Focus or Grand Prix in these photos; that’s because this week it was another car’s turn – you’ll see it below. On to the pictures!

Beyond July 10 3

Beyond July 10 1

Beyond July 10 2

Beyond July 10 4

Beyond July 10 5

Beyond July 10 6

Ollie vs. the RX-8. The ongoing battle.

Beyond July 10 7

Beyond July 10 8

Beyond July 10 9

Beyond July 10 10

Beyond July 10 11

Beyond July 10 12

Beyond July 10 13

Beyond July 10 14

Beyond July 10 15

Beyond July 10 16

Beyond July 10 17

This is the reason the Focus and GP were absent this time; the old Thunderbird made an appearance at the mall! It has been out to a few Beyond meets now and it has been nice to take it out on Wednesday nights.

Beyond July 10 18

Another thank-you goes to Kyle for his photos; he offered them up without me even asking, just so that the blog didn’t miss a week. Thank you sir!


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