Grey Eagle and meets – August 14th

Before I get to the photos from Sunday School, I have to get to last week’s meets. There were lots of cars out so there will be a relatively large number of photos.

At about 6pm I arrived at Grey Eagle, followed shortly by Mario and Reggie.

Grey Eagle August 14 20

With Sunday School the coming weekend, Reggie had driven in from Vancouver with his new Rocket Bunny FR-S so that he could attend. Obviously I’ve seen photos of RB kits online, but this was the first time I had seen one in person and it was even better. I first saw it the day before when Mario stopped by to picked up a part I had ordered for him, and was really excited when it pulled up! I had been following the build closely and knew it would be in town so I was very much looking forward to getting a chance to really see it. I was also able to get some Circuit Soul decals from Reggie – thanks again!

Bunny August 14

Grey Eagle August 14 3

Grey Eagle August 14 19 large

GE group cropped

Mario and Reggie sandwiched the 4×4 in the middle. That had to be fixed…

Tyler arrived as well and we wandered around to see what was there.

Grey Eagle August 14 6

Grey Eagle August 14 7

Grey Eagle August 14 8

Grey Eagle August 14 9

Grey Eagle August 14 10

Grey Eagle August 14 11

Grey Eagle August 14 12

Grey Eagle August 14 13

Grey Eagle August 14 14

I’m a detailer; I get paid to make sure cars look their absolute best and I’m always cleaning my own vehicles. That said, I really enjoy seeing unrestored survivors like this. Imagine the stories this car could tell.

Grey Eagle August 14 15

Grey Eagle August 14 16

Grey Eagle August 14 17

Following our rounds at Grey Eagle we headed over to Beyond which was had an impressive turnout! I was not expecting so many cars and people. That said, I didn’t take many shots as I took the chance to hang out with some friends and also take care of more preparations for Sunday School.

Beyond August 14 1

Mario, Brian, and myself parked together.

Beyond August 14 2

Kyle cleaned up the Celica and brought it out.

Beyond August 14 3

The Bunny again.

Beyond August 14 4

Clean Evo V.

As I’m typing this we are just a few hours from tonight’s Grey Eagle and Chinook meets, which I will be present at. Now that this has been posted though I can start putting up photos from the weekend, of the prep for Sunday School and of the show itself. Stay tuned!


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