I think it’s safe to say that the third annual ill.motion Sunday School was a success! The venue was full of great cars, I saw lots of friends, and the waffles from the food truck were delicious! Now that it’s over we have plenty of photos (and some impressive sunburns) as souvenirs. I will be getting to all of the pictures as I can, but first here’s a thank-you to some people that have helped get the Focus ready this year.

I know lots of people don’t like the decals the Focus has always sported on its rear window, but I like to recognize those who have helped with the project. For a car that wasn’t supposed to be anything more than a winter car it has certainly turned in to something special.

For Sunday School I finally removed the old list and got around to having a new one made, with decals in a custom colour scheme that match one another. Blue and Battleship Grey (each with a white background) was the chosen combo and I think they came out great. Thanks to Terence and Tyler for these!

Tiggy Aug 19 2

Stampede Collision – for the paintwork on the side skirts, rear valance, and interior trim.

Black Label and Vinyl Appeal – for so many decals over the years.

Speed Options – for great parts and service.

Rebel Devil Customs – for the springs and tail lights.

ill.motion – for doing so much for the Calgary car scene, and allowing me the opportunity to contribute to the blog.

Zero Limit – for the time-consuming exhaust install and the small air filter bracket…and for willing to be ‘Plan B’ if my springs didn’t get installed on the Friday before the show. Haha

A special thanks also goes out to Metro Ford for so many OEM pieces, 3M, and the many times I have used a hoist for installs; and most recently for the springs and alignment.


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