Sunday School 2013 Part 3 – Wandering around the lot

As promised, here is part three of my Sunday School photos, which will start to cover the rest of the event. After all of our cars were ready and we had a snack, we started exploring to see what else had shown up. This is only the third edition of Sunday School and it’s looking like space is already an issue. There was no shortage of vehicles.

Sunday School 2013 21

Looking from our corner, you can get an idea of how packed the Max Bell Centre was.

Sunday School 2013 22

Sunday School 2013 23

Which would you choose?

Sunday School 2013 24

Speedoptions had a nice selection of Integras, complete with a few Type-Rs.

iM Sunday School 2013 2

I rather liked this one. White on white always works.

Sunday School 2013 25

White Civics, yellow M3; doesn’t matter. Mag Blue TEs always look good.

Sunday School 2013 26

Sunday School 2013 27

This was the R34 which showed up; it’s the second I’ve seen in person but the first one I’ve been able to see up close. It’s still surreal to see them here, and a bit hard to believe they’re turning 15 now.

Sunday School 2013 28

Note the matte tail lights, to go with the matte white wrap.

Sunday School 2013 29

Sunday School 2013 30

We were impressed at the wheels this Celica was sporting – check out the dish!

Sunday School 2013 31

Sunday School 2013 32

Jackie’s shop – Zero Limit – was a sponsor this year and had a nice group of cars. An R/C drift car was provided as one of the draw prizes and I was hoping to win it. Haha.

Sunday School 2013 33

Sunday School 2013 34

Ryan’s Genesis.

Sunday School 2013 38

Aldo’s S2K.

Sunday School 2013 37

Sunday School 2013 35

Sunday School 2013 36

I like the exposed CF. Nice touch. As you can spot in photo below, the hatch had a similar treatment.

Sunday School 2013 39

I’m ending it here for today, with Steve’s RSX and Jackie’s own NSX beside it. Part four will pick up here!


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