Sunday School 2013 Part 4 – More photos, and sunburn progressing

Part four! As I mentioned I’m picking up where I left off, with the rest of Zero Limit’s cars.

Sunday School 2013 40

Jackie brought out two NSXs, because one just wasn’t enough. I would do this if there was a Hot Wheels Mk3 Focus.

Sunday School 2013 41

Sunday School 2013 42

It seems like I never get a chance to see Brad’s Civic with the hood lifted but for Sunday School it was showing off the K. Like the rest of the car it’s clean and not really flashy…

Sunday School 2013 43

…but then there are the orange Volks!

Sunday School 2013 44

Errol’s Amuse S2000. I’ll resist the urge to make a pun with the name, I’m sure they’ve all been done before.

Sunday School 2013 45

Sunday School 2013 46


Sunday School 2013 47

Sunday School 2013 48

Cleanest Integra in Calgary?

Sunday School 2013 49

Sunday School 2013 50

Sunday School 2013 51

Sunday School 2013 52

Sunday School 2013 53

This probably should have been included earlier as this ITR was in Speedoptions’ group, but oh well. TE37SLs are on my list of favourite wheels and I liked how they matched the paint of the car.

Sunday School 2013 54

Awards were new for this year; the top 15 cars of the show received an Honour Roll trophy. Congrats to those that won!

Sunday School 2013 55

Prashant’s and Aldrich’s cars.

Sunday School 2013 56

I took a quick break from walking around at this point so I grabbed a few more shots of Aldrich’s WRX. Aldrich goes through wheels so fast, I forget if I’ve already commented on him switching to these STI pieces. If I haven’t…Aldrich has new wheels. They’re STI pieces.

Sunday School 2013 57

He also has new seats. It’s hard to believe they’re from an Accord, since they look so good in there.

Sunday School 2013 59

Sunday School 2013 58

There will be a part five to this as well, and perhaps a few shots after. Ollie says “Stay tuned for more!”.


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