meet – September 4th

I said they’d be posted before this week’s meet, so here they are; September 4th’s photos. Once again credit goes to Kyle for providing these since he arrived to the meet earlier than I did. As we approach the end of the season it gets darker earlier and earlier, so the window for well-lit photos shrinks each week. Even so, he got some nice ones throughout the evening and here they are. Thank you Kyle!

I like to try and include captions when I can but it’s a little harder for me when I wasn’t the one taking the photos. Don’t take it the wrong way if I have nothing to say about your car. Haha.

Beyond Sept 4 1

Beyond Sept 4 2

Matt’s Saturn.

Beyond Sept 4 3

Beyond Sept 4 4

Surprisingly, the green and yellow works pretty well together.

Beyond Sept 4 5

Here’s another angle of Derrick’s freshly-painted Integra. The full write-ups on the repaint can be seen on Jason’s blog (link is on the side menu).

Beyond Sept 4 6

Speaking of Jason – his LS.

Beyond Sept 4 7

The Thunderbird came out to play this time.

Beyond Sept 4 8

Beyond Sept 4 9

Lots of Integras show up to the meets – the Integra-biased coverage is not (entirely) because of my desire for one.

Beyond Sept 4 10

A photo of Ollie is required whenever he shows up though, so he has to be included here. Because cute puppy.

Beyond Sept 4 11

Remember what I said about Dave’s truck being launched in the air? Here he is jumping across the raised platform. Again. Tough little thing!

Beyond Sept 4 12

Kanji again, heading home for the night. We may or may not have gone silent just to listen for scraping and rubbing noises as he left the parkade. There were some…

As another reminder NEXT WEEK is the Supermeat. I hope to be able to arrive early because they have been known to fill up fast. Before that though, is another ‘normal’ meet tomorrow. See you all then!



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