meet – August 28th

Even though the summer is starting to near its end, the Beyond meets certainly aren’t suffering. Each week still shows great turnouts and with R/C cars racing around, Ollie checking things out (and sometimes chasing said R/C cars) and lots of faces new and old, I do believe this season has seen the best meets yet.

Also – the annual Supermeat (not supermeet) has been scheduled for next week (September 18th) so be sure to show up for that one!

Beyond August 28 1

Hi Porsche.

Beyond August 28 2

Beyond August 28 3

The matte green and gold combo was perfect. That fitment too…

Beyond August 28 4

Beyond August 28 5

I spy Junction Produce.

Beyond August 28 6

Brad re-parked his car after receiving helpful tips that he could have done better. Haha.

Beyond August 28 7

Beyond August 28 8

Dave’s truck took a beating. I cringe when I tap a wall in the RX-8 and here he is launching this thing multiple feet in the air and rolling it over and over. Given what it goes through it’s proving to be very tough – and it keeps getting upgraded when something gives. At this rate it soon may be indestructible…

Beyond August 28 9

I followed the progress on Jason’s blog and got to see Derrick’s Integra after its repaint. Desert Sage Metallic, one of my favourite OEM colours.

Beyond August 28 10

I’m finishing this quick post with this black and red STI. I have photos for the following week’s meet as well which I will try to have posted fairly soon; before this week’s meet for sure.


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