On Wheels for Kenya

Before I carry on with Park and Polish photos, here are a select few from the weekend prior. September 7th was a Show and Shine at McMahon Stadium, hosted by the University’s Love in Action Club. Their aim was to raise money for women in Kenya, who are affected by HIV/AIDs. The UCCarClub was invited to attend so I set aside the day and checked to see who else could come with.

Unfortunately when the day arrived the weather was less than ideal, but we carried on and made the best of it. Attendance was limited as a result but to represent the UCCC both Kyle and I attended. In the end we both walked away with a prize too!

On Wheels 1

When Kyle and I arrived the rain was pouring non-stop but setup was well underway and a couple of cars were parked already.  We had umbrellas with us so we parked our cars and did our best to stay dry.

On Wheels 2

Because the rain was so heavy the cameras didn’t stay outside for long before they were put back in the cars. In the end I did not get many photos at all but hopefully these will help give you an idea of what the event was like.

On Wheels 3

I had no idea but there were awards to be given away! Reserved for 1st Place was this nice piece, with additional awards for second and third place.

On Wheels 4

Anything Goes played during the show to keep us entertained. The rain was constantly starting and stopping but they weren’t bothered and kept the music going.

On Wheels 5

This was the winner of the trophy, a 2JZ-swapped Mk3 Supra.

On Wheels 6

The paint was mint and the side trim had been replaced with carbon fiber pieces. Definitely a clean and well-done car.

On Wheels 7

Second place went to Kyle’s Civic sedan.

On Wheels 8

Third then went to my Focus!

On Wheels 9

The last two pictures are of the other cars in our row; this IS-F…

On Wheels 10

…and Golf. As I mentioned the rain was so heavy that the camera did stay in the car much of the time to keep it dry. It’s not as water-resistant as we are.

At the end of the day Kyle and I were surprised and pleased to win our awards and were glad we made the trip over to attend. Thanks goes to Paula and the rest of the Love in Action club for organizing this and sending the invite to the UCCC! I really wish the weather had cooperated for them but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. The Supermeat this week even happened during rain but we carried on.



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