Quarry Park and Polish 2013 – Part 2

Back to the Park and Polish photos! This portion will start with more cars from our corner and then carry on to the rest of the show. Like I mentioned in part one I tried to get as much of the show captured as I could, but I did end up missing a couple of sections. The 5 hours seemed to really fly by this year and before I knew it awards were being announced and things were wrapping up.

QPP 2013 26

Ryan’s EP3. We’re starting to see the odd additional EP3 show up at meets but it’s still rare to see them.

QPP 2013 27

The Evangelista brothers and the toys. The checkerboard roof on the Mini is awesome. Aldrich, do that.

QPP 2013 29

QPP 2013 30

Another Mini, this one being the panel van version.

QPP 2013 31

QPP 2013 32

A regular at shows around Calgary, this R32 N1 had a scale version sitting on the engine.

QPP 2013 33

Awesome colour combo.

QPP 2013 34

This wasn’t even in the show, but in the parking lot next to it. We noticed some nice cars parked over there so we wandered through quickly and then got back to the show itself.

QPP 2013 35

QPP 2013 36

QPP 2013 37

QPP 2013 38

I’m pretty sure that the Beetle on the left was the winner of the ‘Most Likely to be Towed’ award seen in part one. It’s good to have a sense of humor.

QPP 2013 39

QPP 2013 40

QPP 2013 41

When I see a GTO Judge it always draws me over, but this was something extra special. A potentially one-of-one model built by GM because of the paint colour and interior colour combination. Red and Turquoise look really good together on a car like this.

QPP 2013 42

The red interior, which I quite like (my GP has a red interior, of course). As we were told by the owner apparently on the assembly line they ran out of the ‘correct’ interior pieces but had red on hand, so they assembled it anyway and then sent it off. This is officially a factory combo, even though it wasn’t allowed.

QPP 2013 43

QPP 2013 44

Prashant’s C63 and Corey’s S2000.

QPP 2013 45

Part two wraps up with this super clean Thunderbird. This generation is less common at shows and meets but I’m seeing a few more now. It was too bad our own couldn’t attend but we couldn’t bring two cars so it stayed at home.


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