ST/STedan wheel swap

With the end of the season coming, it’s time to look ahead to next year and start making plans. One thing that’s on both my mind and Mario’s is getting new wheels for the sedan and hatch. For a few days though, they both had ‘new’ shoes.

Last weekend Mario, Derrick and I swapped the wheels between the two Foci. Mario and I had been wanting to see his wheels on my car for some time so we agreed to swap for a few days just for fun. His ST got my Rs, and the STedan got his Varrstoens.

Wheel swap 3

The sedan. It definitely needs more low to go with more aggressive wheels. Next year.

Wheel swap 4

Mario’s, sitting on the Rs. 17s look tiny on STs.

Wheel swap 1

Wheel swap 2

Wheel swap 5

It was fun to change the look of the car for a bit, but the fact that they were Varrstoens and not TE-37s bugged me a bit. I’ve always liked to go with OEM/authentic/original parts with my cars when applicable so this was a change. It was because of a 9-month wait for 5×108 Volks that Mario went with Varrstoens in the first place. They still wouldn’t be here today had he ordered them back then. That’s crazy.

Anyway, the cars are back on their own wheels now. Thursday night we changed back. If anything though they’ve made me start looking more for ideas for next year. This was the second season on the Rs and while I still like them, it would be nice to change to something new and different. That’s what winter’s for; with them coming off soon I’ll have time to ponder my options and see what is available.


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