Supermeat – September 18th

Beyond meet photos have been absent for a few weeks with so much else going on, but I didn’t forget! Last week was the 6th annual Supermeat and I made sure to attend.

Each year one meet is selected to be the ‘Supermeat’ with the intention of calling out all members new and old to get everyone together for a giant gathering at the usual spot. This normally results in large gatherings which make the normal Beyond meets look tiny. Unfortunately, sometimes the weather doesn’t work out and this was one of those times. It was cold and light rain kept coming and going. However, some of us still attended and had a good time regardless. Below are some shots from the night.

Beyond Sept 18 1

Mr. Hugo’s Civic, still sporting the Sunday School decal.

Beyond Sept 18 2

Aldrich’s WRX parked with his fellow Subaru owners.

Beyond Sept 18 3

Beyond Sept 18 4

Beyond Sept 18 5

This shot helps show the numbers; this was about two-thirds of all of the cars there. Definitely smaller than previous years but it was understandable.

Beyond Sept 18 6

Beyond Sept 18 7

The Focus. At least I didn’t have to worry about making it spotless.

Beyond Sept 18 8

Beyond Sept 18 9

Jacob asked for a photo of his car so I tried but with the lighting and no tripod this was the best I could get.

Beyond Sept 18 10

Beyond Sept 18 11

Errol’s S2000 looked awesome in the low light, highlighting the shape of the Amuse kit.

Thanks goes to Aldrich for organizing the Supermeat again. It seems that it may now be time to get cars ready for winter though as this past meet was another rainy one. However, we’ll still be meeting at Chinook. Same time, same place.


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