5 Years of the UCCC

UCCC 5TH year meet

It’s hard to believe, but it was five years ago that the University of Calgary Car Club (UCCC) was started. This month we are celebrating our fifth anniversary so I had been taking care of details regarding that.

As you may have seen on the Facebook pages for both the UCCC and ThreeTwenty. we held a meet to mark the occasion. Some decals were produced for the event and we all met on campus for a simple little get-together to catch up for a bit.

Thanks goes to everyone who has joined, followed, and supported the club over the last half-decade (it sounds so much longer when I say it like that)! Admittedly we don’t have as many dedicated UCCC meets as we once did, since we always attend local shows and gatherings together around the city. That said, as we head into our sixth season we’re hoping to keep the club growing and build on what we did this year and I want to see some more of our own meets on the agenda.


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