Random: IS350 and X5M

It’s another late night here as I’m working on decals and also coordinating with people for photoshoots, additional orders, and projects. I know the blog has been slow lately and I apologize for the lack of updates but it’s that time of the year right now; cars stay dirty and work builds up, therefore my camera doesn’t get as much use as it did during the summer. I assure you though that some very interesting coverage is coming; I know teasers can be lame but I don’t want to share anything more just yet.

Some slow progress is being made on the Focus however with new parts arriving and new wheels on the agenda; I’m really hoping the weather stays decent so that a test-fit can be done soon and I can get an idea of what it’ll actually look like. Photoshops are great but nothing compares to seeing it in real life.  Yes, that means that the wheels are here in town, and the test-fit is all that’s left before I commit and purchase them.

For tonight I wanted something to share to keep the blog active, and to at least give you all something to check out while I’m working on everything else that I need to take care of. Following the UCCC’s meet on Tuesday I took a few photos of Jacob’s IS350 and had the chance to get some of an X5M as well. Once Jacob and I can arrange a time I intend to find a nice location and take some more photos of the IS for an A Look At post about it. Until then, a few samples – followed by a few of the X5M.

Jacobs IS 1

Jacob’s is a good example of a subtle and practical street car with enough changes to make it stand out. More is to come for next year too.

Jacobs IS 6

Being in the parkade the lighting wasn’t ideal but I could play with the camera for a little bit.

Jacobs IS 5

Fancy Lexus light-up sill plates. Unnecessary but awesome. Haha.

Just like the power in the X5M…

X5M 1

If there’s one part of BMWs I’m really a fan of, it’s their lights. They (and other manufacturers these days) are really good with the details and are making them quite intricate. Lighting technology has really come a long way.

X5M 2

19s barely cover the massive calipers. With the power on tap they’re certainly needed.

X5M 3

555 hp from an SUV is bonkers. Which makes it amazing.

Again, this is really just ‘filler’ while I focus on other stuff but I will work on getting some new posts up soon for you all. I hope the wait will be worth it. Until then, thanks for reading!


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