Exclusive: The Fiesta ST Project – Part 3

As I mentioned in part two, this time around the Fiesta would be seen lacking quite a few parts. Just like with a paint job, in order to properly wrap a car many parts have to be removed; panels and lights come off, handles and mirrors are removed, and trim is taken off as well. This is all so the film’s edges will be hidden once the car is reassembled and there won’t be cut lines or (in this case) gloss orange showing.

Project Fiesta 29

The photos in this update are from two different days. The first set was taken during day two of the work, but I didn’t want to post them sooner than this as I felt the update would be too small. I was purposely saving them for when I could have some more to add, which is now.

Project Fiesta 31

Upon arrival back on day two I was surprised to see so much removed already but the guys weren’t wasting time.

Project Fiesta 22

Since the roof had to be wrapped the antenna was taken off and added to the pile of parts waiting to be reinstalled.

Project Fiesta 23

The front bumper (which I suspected would be the hardest piece to wrap) was off and sitting behind the car.

Project Fiesta 24

This little ST had no idea what was in store for it when it left the dealership.

Project Fiesta 25

It wasn’t just the exterior that was being taken apart – some of the interior panels had to come out as well to gain access to other pieces.

Project Fiesta 26

Project Fiesta 27

There’s not much else to say aside from “more parts missing here”.

Project Fiesta 28

I imagine this table will be getting quite full as time goes on.

Project Fiesta 32

Not only did the tail lights have to come out to properly wrap the quarter panels, but they too would be getting altered and needed to be separate from the car for quality results. I must note that the new facelift tail lights for the Fiestas look great; I hope the Focus’ look this good when Ford refreshes them.

Following this visit it was a few days until I was able to stop by again. For readers outside of Calgary who don’t know, we were hit with quite a bit of snow and because of that traffic was tied up everywhere.

Project Fiesta 33

When I was finally able to pay a visit I walked in and found an almost fully matte ST sitting in the shop. Much of the driver’s side had been wrapped as had many other panels.

Project Fiesta 34

Even the complex bumper was ready to go. The hatch and rear bumper still had to be done, as can be seen here.

Project Fiesta 35

Project Fiesta 37

The passenger side was a little less completed but well on its way. The front door is the final large piece to be taken care of on that side.

Project Fiesta 36

This caught me by surprise; I didn’t expect to see the roof in matte orange as the rendering showed something different. The guys must have something else in mind now.

Project Fiesta 39

It shouldn’t be too long now before all of the paint is covered and the car can be put back together. Shortly after that though, other parts will be coming off to make way for some aftermarket components.

Project Fiesta 38

Stay tuned for the next update on the orange hatch!


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