First meet of the year?

Calling this a meet might be a bit of a stretch as a handful of us just decided to cruise and take some photos, but I’ll go with it. It won’t be long before we can return to Chinook in full force and have our Wednesday night meets again but for now we have to still work around the weather when we bring out the cars, and not many show up.

Since it was dark outside, we opted for a parkade for the pictures. Kanji, Derrick, Dave and I parked the cars and then the cameras were set to work.

Feb 8 meet 9

Starting off with the group photo – and before someone asks, one of my fog lights decided to call it quits. Yay. Perfect timing.

Feb 8 meet 1

The parkade wasn’t too busy on that night but the occasional person or vehicle would pass by. Some would ask about the cars or jokingly ask if they could join in on the photoshoot with their own. Haha.

Feb 8 meet 2

Feb 8 meet 3

Some close-ups of the lights.

Feb 8 meet 7

Derrick still has all of the commemorative decals from last year on his window. I do plan to make them smaller this year so we can attend more shows before running out of room…the only one I still have on the Focus is from Driven.

Feb 8 meet 8

More plans are starting to come together regarding the cars. Dave’s Integra will be getting a facelift soon which I am excited for.

Feb 8 meet 4

Meanwhile all I want is to be able to install my Tarmacs and lower this thing more…

Since it was warm in the parkade and the lighting was decent, I took the chance to get a couple of photos of the BRZ’s interior as well. I would have done so when I was photographing the BRZ for the last post but it was far too cold to keep working outside that day.

Feb 8 meet 5

The red stitching is such a nice touch. It’s one of my favourite details in the BRZ.

Feb 8 meet 6

One more shot of the interior will wrap up this post.

Soon we will be in what is arguably the best part of the car show season; the early months when parts are arriving and being installed, and there’s always something new to work on. Gradually these meets will start growing and the cars will start changing, and they’ll stay clean for more than 2 minutes as well.


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