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For today’s post I wanted to share some photos from Jason (, showcasing some decals that I worked on for him recently. He got in touch with me because he, JC, and Punit wanted some pinstripe decals for the “Mean Girls” – the Lexus LS, CT, and GS.

Turning these from Jason’s design into a finished product was tricky for two main reasons; first, the guys opted for mirror chrome vinyl which looks amazing but is difficult to work with. Continual care is needed to make sure it doesn’t get scratched, and it’s a fairly thick vinyl so it can be tricky to cut. On top of that, these decals were massive. They had to be broken down into individual sections for the various panels of the cars, and even then the shortest pieces were around three feet long (Jason, your car is the size of a house).

Things were going smoothly, but as Jason mentioned in his post partway through the order my plotter decided to break so production stopped for a few days while I got it running again. Thanks again to Jason for his patience with that.

I was very happy with how they turned out, and it wasn’t long after I delivered them that Jason put one on the LS. Perfect was the word that came to mind when I saw his photos. Chrome was the only choice given how much is on his car to begin with and his design is outstanding.

Highstyle Pinstripe 2

Jason let me share some snapshots here to give an idea of how the decals look. For the rest, go check out his blog!

Highstyle Pinstripe 1

Seeing them on the backing is one thing, but seeing one on the car is amazing. I can’t wait to see how they look on JC’s and Punit’s cars now!


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