Static vs Air – Part 2

Time to continue with the Static vs Air posts!

For part two I have some photos of the sedan with its new stance; fortunately the weather was decent following the install so I could drive the Focus around for a while. Snow has been off and on lately so I’m glad I got these when I did. I don’t want to switch back to the winter tires since we’re getting so close to what we can call nice weather, so mother nature currently decides when I get to drive the Focus.

Coilover install 6

I am extremely happy with how the car looks now. The mild drop and decently fitting Rs were a big improvement over stock, but this is way beyond that. The wheels were a tight fit but everything clears and the white/yellow combo works pretty well I think. Following the install I wound the front down a little more and while I think I want to lower it a little bit more still, this is where it’s staying for now.

Coilover install 7

The back is exactly where I want it, which is good considering it’s non-adjustable now (since we took the collars out).

Coilover install 8

The Tarmacs came with spike valve stem caps which I frankly was not a fan of; I gave them back to Mario and got some Fatlace caps instead.

Coilover install 9

Once the roads finally clear and the weather stays nice the car can get a full detail. I can’t wait.

Coilover install 10

Coilover install 11

Coilover install 12

Thanks again to everyone who helped with this and made it happen. I knew that for 2014 the stance was the one big thing I wanted to work on and I think it’s there.

Next in the Static vs Air series you’ll see who had air installed (I can’t believe we actually did that – what a massive job), and there are also photos from a project day at Dave’s and the annual Auto Show to get to. Finally things are happening again!


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