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Be careful what you wish for. I’ll put it that way.

For quite a while it seemed like nothing was happening car-wise and I was having a hard time trying to find things to write about for the blog. Very quickly however, that changed. Parts began arriving, we were installing pieces on the cars, events returned to the calendar, and suddenly I didn’t even have the time to keep the blog updated! Obviously it has been idle for quite a while (especially in internet time) but we have been very busy on our end working on various cars and attending events. The plus side is now there are plenty of photos and stories to share, so we can return to our coverage and hopefully you’ll enjoy what we have coming.

When I left off with my last post, I was about to reveal who had gone the air route for 2014 and some of you may already know the answer. For those that don’t, you will now.

Mario on air

It’s Mario! With the help of many, we were able to complete the air install in a weekend and as a result Mario is the proud owner of Canada’s first bagged Mk3 ST! It’s probably the country’s first bagged Mk3 at all, actually.

Canmore spring photoshoot 1

Along with air install (which was a LOT of work) he also has some new wheels to show off, Dave’s Integra has seen some updates and has more coming, there was the Auto Show, Beyond meets at Chinook, Jacob’s IS was lowered, Kanji’s BRZ had some small parts fitted, and my own Focus received a surprise makeover, which was another Mk3 first.

Stay tuned as we get caught up with all that has happened lately!



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