New Shoes. Again.

I mentioned last time that the next post would be about Mario’s new wheels, so today you get to see what he chose!

After I bought the Tarmacs he went ahead and made sure to get something a little different for the ST this time around. He opted to keep the width and colour of the Tarmacs, but go for something more unique – something not yet seen on a Mk3 Focus. I don’t envy the waiting period that was required before he could pick these up, but I’d say they were absolutely worth it. What did he order, you ask?

Works 7

Work Emotion CR Kai Kiwami Ultimates. I’ll just refer to them as ‘Works’ from here on out for simplicity. And to save time. Haha.

Works 3

I told Mario I wasn’t entirely sure how they’d look on the ST, but as soon as I saw them on the car I was blown away. ST owners reading this will probably cringe seeing that they’re white – as STs are notorious for putting out unbelievable amounts of brake dust – but they work rather well with the red paint, and even match the rear arms from the air suspension. He does have to clean them often though…no joke, I can drive for a week and my wheels are still cleaner than the Works are after one day. ST problems.

Works 2

As noted earlier they’re as wide as the Tarmacs (9.5″), but they have a lower offset; and with the stretched tires this is the result when he airs down. See kids? Math is useful! A few millimeters either way would have kept Mario from achieving this fitment, which is proving to be an incredible head-turner at meets. People are constantly crouching for a closer look at the rear wheels and how close they are to the quarter panels.


Ryan and Erika were with us this afternoon when we decided to park the ST for a few shots, and you may have noticed the Genesis in the background of the photo above. Ryan has since mounted his new wheels but even on the winters the coupe was looking mean. I couldn’t resist snapping a photo.

I don’t have much else to say about the new Works, so enjoy some extra photos!

Works 6

Works 5

Works 4

Works 1

Works 8

That’s all for today; there’s still plenty more to cover from recent meets and install days, so more is coming soon. In the meantime, have a good weekend everyone!


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