Exclusive: The Fiesta ST Project – Teaser

It has been a while since this project was last seen on ThreeTwenty, but that doesn’t mean we had forgotten about it. While winter was in full swing the second round of work was postponed, waiting on better weather so as to keep the new parts safe. With summer finally here the little hatch finally received those upgrades which had been set aside, and it’s looking a little different from the last time it was photographed.

Fiesta project teaser

I know people had been asking if or when it’d be seen again and honestly, I didn’t know for sure so I couldn’t answer with a set time. Now though, I can. With clear skies and warm weather today I was able to meet up with Mike, the car’s owner, to photograph it in preparation for the next installment on the blog – you can expect to see that this week! In the meantime though I wanted to leave you with at least one photo, to show a little bit of the car to start to give you an idea of how it looks now.

For those who want to go back to see the existing coverage on this car, you may follow the Exclusive Content category and see the four prior posts.

Part 5, coming soon.


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