Photoswithjson – Part 3

Recently Mario and I met up with Jason and JC for some photos. Jason ( shot my Focus last year, but this time we wanted somebody to shoot the two Foci together.

We take photos of our cars all the time but we wanted something special so we got in touch. Jason is an amazing photographer and having him and JC with us meant we could get rolling shots, which we wouldn’t otherwise be able to. On a quiet morning we met up and headed out to find some locations.

It didn’t take too long as Jason and JC seem to have developed a very efficient and smooth system for getting photos. JC acts as the driver while Jason works the camera; and both race to Instagram it as soon as possible (Jason won this time). Hahaha.

LWJ shoot 1

I was tired from staying up late detailing the Focus, so I was happy to stand back and let Jason do his thing. I took a few photos but didn’t want to reveal too much since Jason’s will be shown in time. I have seen a sample of what’s coming and I could not be happier. Thank you again guys!

Now, as a second part to today’s entry, I will show a teaser of the next part on the Focus. I had mentioned in the Cup Spoilers post that Mario and I felt the car still needed something more, and we had just installed it in time for these photos.

LWJ shoot 2

If you look between the Cup Spoilers, you can make it out; there’s a mini splitter (AKA cup spoiler protector) on the front of the car now.

Of the three fifteen52 project cars, all wound up with Cup spoilers but project TrackSTer ended up with a front splitter as well. That one flat piece across the front of the car really improved the looks and we knew that the sedan needed something similar. Cup spoilers alone look good but with a splitter they are improved greatly.

We will share more details on the piece (don’t you worry) but since it can be seen here I wanted to give a little bit of information on it. The install was easy and it didn’t cost much, and it has also saved the Cup Spoilers from a few speed bump scrapes they would have otherwise picked up.


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