Grey Eagle – July 2nd

It has been a while since THREETWENTY has shown weekly meet coverage! Last year it was a regular part of the content but this year has been a little different so far. We had been taking a bit of a break at the meets, often just sitting down with friends and relaxing, but it seemed that every week there was something new and seriously impressive on display.

With more and more jaw-dropping vehicles showing up there was no choice but to pick up the camera and start to show some of what we were encountering. So here we go, back to our weekly meet coverage! We hope you enjoy.

GE July 2 2014 1

We’re starting off with the Grey Eagle meet from a couple of weeks ago, and specifically with this fine example of a GMC pickup. Look all you want (and we did) but it seemed like every inch of it was perfect…

GE July 2 2014 2

…and I mean every inch. The bed was probably my favourite part, as soon as I saw the red-tinted wood. It looked like a painted floor until I got closer and saw the grain.

GE July 2 2014 3

An unexpected find was this Hot Wheels edition Camaro. I didn’t even notice until I was going through the photos, but it even has a mini version on display on top of the engine.

GE July 2 2014 4

Blending sheer power and sheer lack of ground clearance was this (bagged) CTS-V. Note the partially painted carbon fiber hood. Nice touch.

GE July 2 2014 5

We had co-ordinated with a few others and managed to get a nice grouping of STs (and my fake) together. In order there was Alan’s, Mario’s, mine, Brandon’s, and Vlad’s.

GE July 2 2014 6

Derrick managed to find some appropriate neighbours too.

GE July 2 2014 7

Somewhat of an opposite to the bright paint and chrome clad example seen at the start of the post, this Mercury was looking good with its matte finish.

GE July 2 2014 8

Some tasteful pinstriping really set it off.

GE July 2 2014 9

Just to show that anything goes at Grey Eagle, was this lifted (and I mean REALLY lifted) Pontiac.

GE July 2 2014 10

The last for today is of this Cyclone (seeing so many classic pickups each week is really making me want one) sporting a very well-done, fake patina.

We will continue to bring coverage from Grey Eagle and Beyond (I have some photos from there as well, to be posted soon) so stay tuned! As always, the meets are Wednesday nights (that’s tonight!) and crowds usually start showing up around 6. Look for us there!


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