Focus Mini-Meet: August 3rd

This was a very quickly planned get-together for a few of us that ended up being a nice way to spend an afternoon. A fellow forum member (Paul) was in town and asked if any local Focus owners were free to meet up. Myself, Ian, and Alan were available so we gathered at the usual Beyond location and had a chance to hang out and chat for a while.

August Focus meet 2

When I was modifying the Grand Prix I never ran into other local owners doing the same (I only know of a couple of modified examples in town currently) so it’s fun to get to meet up with other Focus owners and see the cars together. The little group of Fords caused quite a few heads to turn.

August Focus meet 5

Paul’s SE – his headlights are among the most unique I’ve seen on a Mk3 with an LED tube running around the inner bucket. Seeing these in person was good motivation to get mine finished up!

August Focus meet 8

As much as I liked the headlights though, I think my favourite detail on his car was the green stripe on the grille. I may have to try this on my original bumper, in a colour to suit the sedan’s scheme. The matching custom SE emblem in the upper grille is another great touch.

August Focus meet 4

Alan’s ST – this, and the opening photo, show how much brighter the ST yellow paint (Tangerine Scream) is compared to mine (Yellow Blaze). It’s rather surprising how pale it makes mine look in person. Instead of the OEM wheels, the ST sits on the 18s from the Focus Titanium Handling Package.

There’s no individual photo of mine because there are about thirty thousand others on the site already. Haha.

August Focus meet 3

Last in the line was Ian’s Mk1 with a V6 engine. Great stance, euro exterior, and the engine swap – definitely one of the best Mk1s around.

August Focus meet 1

Aside from the front plate, the only clue that there’s something special under the hood is this tiny V6 badge on the back.

August Focus meet 6

While we were there Levi happened to show up in his BRZ and I couldn’t resist snapping a couple of photos. The grey paint with the white wheels is a great combo and the fitment is insane. I can’t wait to see the rear TE37s mounted.

August Focus meet 10

This is the front; the reason the rears aren’t on is because they don’t fit. Yet.

August Focus meet 7

August Focus meet 9

Closing out today’s post are these extra two photos of Ian’s Mk1. It’s another beautiful Wednesday here and it won’t be long before we’re on our way to this evening’s meets, so it’s time to start getting ready.


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