#iMSundaySchoolPrep/Site News: Store Refresh Coming

We are now just a couple of days away from Sunday School 2014! As we continue getting ready for the big event, we need to address the online store too.

When decals are purchased, the funds help cover the costs of running ThreeTwenty, and we’re appreciative of the support. It’s always great to see a someone sporting one of our decals and please don’t think it goes unnoticed. For a brief period though (starting tonight), the webstore will be closed. With Sunday School coming we have been working on a few new designs to replace what we’ve had for a little while now, and we will be temporarily closing it so that it can be updated.

The store will be reopened the Wednesday after Sunday School (August 20th 2014) with a selection of new decals to choose from (and maybe a surprise or two). We hope you like the new styles and we want to thank you all in advance for your continued support. Please stay tuned!

4th Annual Sunday School poster

Sunday School 2014: In Memory of Sheree Evangelista.

-ThreeTwenty team

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