Sunday School 2014 – Part 2

On to part 2 of our Sunday School 2014 coverage! Today we’re going to look at some of the other vehicles on display at the show – again, we couldn’t capture every single vehicle there that day due to the sheer size of the show, but hopefully this (along with part 3) will give you an idea of the variety on hand.

The bar is definitely being raised when it comes to builds here, which is awesome to see. There was no shortage of high-end parts and quality work, and even a number of vehicles which seemed to come out of nowhere. As usual some of the entrants came in from other cities but even so there were a few cars that I’d never seen or heard of before.

320 Sunday School 14 20

This STi ended up winning one of the Honour Roll awards and I’m not surprised. A bagged STi will likely upset a few people because “it’s not functional”, but couldn’t it be argued that air suspension makes a car more functional?

320 Sunday School 14 21

I was very happy to see S15s and R34s making appearances at the show. As some know, a white S15 is my dream car so I headed straight for this one when I saw it.

320 Sunday School 14 22

Beside the Silvia was this tasteful white BRZ, with a little surprise under the hood.

320 Sunday School 14 23

When does a stock car draw a crowd at a show primarily made up of modified cars? When it’s a MkIV Supra! Apart from a K&N air filter this looked to be completely unaltered, and it was even LHD! As much as I admire modified Supras I hope this one stays in this shape. I was able to grab a photo without anyone blocking my view but quite a few people were checking this one out.

320 Sunday School 14 24

I really like the exposed carbon on this EVO – especially the ducts on the front bumper. Note the quick-release steering wheel, resting on the dash.

320 Sunday School 14 25

This Prelude was a bit of a surprise; it sported IS300 tail lights and a few aftermarket body pieces but had a monster within the engine bay (hence the meaty tires). Seeing a Prelude from this generation at all seems to be getting rarer now let alone one modified to this extent.

320 Sunday School 14 26

White on white is always a winner…(and that window shade rocks!)

320 Sunday School 14 27

…as is black on black. This S2000 looked downright evil.

320 Sunday School 14 28

Nothing but quality parts here.

320 Sunday School 14 29

Punit had both of his projects out – the GS was parked elsewhere, with the Integra among the Hondas at the Zero Limit group. You can just make out the new rollcage inside. This car was rear-ended a couple (?) of years ago and almost written off but I’m glad to see it was saved and continues to evolve.

320 Sunday School 14 30

Brad’s had this Civic as long as I’ve known him and while the exterior more or less stays the same (nothing wrong with that) the engine setup gets a little more serious each year. He’s gone from a naturally-aspirated B, to a turbo B, to this K, and now it has a supercharger strapped on. How will you top this one, Brad?

320 Sunday School 14 31

Volks covering Project Mus – this was on Alex’s Integra, one of the best examples of the model around by far. A full shot will be in part 3.

320 Sunday School 14 32

This Integra was one of the standouts of the show for me, partly because I believe it was a brand new build (correct me if I’m wrong). I really like the combination of the C-West bumper and J’s Racing fenders, and having a turbo doesn’t hurt either.

320 Sunday School 14 33

Steve’s RSX; I continue to be impressed at how well blue wheels on a blue car work. Like the Integra above, this too is boosted.

320 Sunday School 14 34

One of the big attractions, based on the crowds I saw around it, was this R34 GT-R. Last year at Sunday School there was an R34 present as well but GT-Rs were not yet legal. Just like S15s, it’s still weird to see one of these in person.

320 Sunday School 14 35

Ryan’s Genesis, sitting on Avant Garde M510s.

320 Sunday School 14 36

Josh’s bagged S5, tucking Meisters. Look at that dish!

320 Sunday School 14 37

Along with the MkIV Supra, another car that can be near stock or completely original yet still draw a crowd is an ITR. I certainly can’t walk by without taking a look.

320 Sunday School 14 38

I can’t figure out how Jackie keeps his 4Runner so clean – make no mistake, he regularly takes this thing wheeling but it looks like it never leaves the road.

320 Sunday School 14 39

Closing out today’s post is this blue EK – I’m afraid I don’t know too much about it aside from what can be seen, but I’m definitely a fan. There’s a good assortment of parts but it all flows well.

We now have one more part to go, which will be up next week. Have a good weekend everyone!


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