Sunday School 2014 – Part 3

Here we are, part three of our Sunday School coverage – the final post. Let’s get right to it!

320 Sunday School 14 40

First up today is, as promised last time, a full shot of Alex’s Integra. This car is the definition of clean; the condition of the vehicle is amazing and the parts selection is impressive to say the least. You can just make out a magazine on display on the dash – that’s his Honda Tuning feature from earlier this year.

320 Sunday School 14 41

I hadn’t seen this Celica before but was really liking its colour scheme. The muted paint tone combined with the yellow accents worked well. The bodywork looked outstanding too.

320 Sunday School 14 42

I don’t know much about this build so I can’t really share much on it but I wasn’t passing up the chance to photograph a Supra.

320 Sunday School 14 43

Levi had the BRZ present, rocking two different sets of wheels though due to his rear TEs still giving him issues with fitment.

320 Sunday School 14 44

The Honda Beat – another reason our 15-year import rules rock. A good way to illustrate just how small these things are is to point out how much room there is left in that parking space!

320 Sunday School 14 45

Take Evo. Add lip. Lower. Boom! Aggressive. Look closely and you’ll spot the quick releases on the sides of the front bumper; I’m sure those come in handy.

320 Sunday School 14 46

Yolanda’s 3 was in the Fineline Customworks group, with its new front lip installed. It’s not as noticeable in this photo as it is in person, but the roof was recently done in black to tie in with the rest of the black accents.

320 Sunday School 14 47

I’ve seen this Supra a number of times at local events and always have to take a look. It looks to be a very well-rounded build. Compared to the red and silver examples I shared this definitely falls on the more extreme end of the scale. Look at the size of the turbo!

320 Sunday School 14 48

If I had to pick a favourite of the show, it would have to be this S15; I stopped in my tracks when I saw it. As I mentioned in the last post a white S15 is my dream car, but the Vertex widebody this has is an item that would be on my wishlist if I ever got my hands on one. I don’t know what’s done to the rest of the car (i.e. under the hood) but in terms of the exterior, I don’t think I’d change anything.

320 Sunday School 14 49

320 Sunday School 14 50

Mike’s Karmann Ghia was one of the award winners at Sunday School ’14 and is absolutely one of the most unique cars in Calgary. A Karmann Ghia is pretty rare to begin with, but this one has a Subaru engine in the back and some pretty impressive paintwork on the roof to really make it stand out.

320 Sunday School 14 51

This super-clean FD3S caught my eye. The colour was amazing and the exterior modifications were aggressive without being over-the-top.

320 Sunday School 14 52

Along the back of the lot were a few cars that had come in from Vancouver and they were certainly high-quality builds. I’m noticing that full-body liveries are starting to make a comeback and I think it’s really cool to see street cars wearing graphics. Styles come and go and it would appear that these are starting to appeal to people again.

320 Sunday School 14 53

I had never seen this Varis widebody in person before so I made sure to take a look. Jason’s old STi looked amazing with the standard kit but the bolted-on flares and new fenders totally transform the car yet again. This STi hatch looked menacing and even had a new version of the TE37 fitted – the Frozen Carbon edition.

320 Sunday School 14 54

A close-up of the Frozen Carbon TE’s on the STi above – their special feature is real Carbon Fiber along one of the spokes, with the paint feathered over top. Let’s be honest, it likely won’t do much (well, anything) for performance. It does however, look amazing and makes these even more special than ‘normal’ TEs. I can’t help but wonder now what a full CF-covered TE would look like….

320 Sunday School 14 55

The final photo for our coverage is of Reggie’s Rocket Bunny FR-S, back again with new wheels, livery, and a few other pieces. It’s great to see people coming in from other cities and even provinces for a one-day show, which I think really highlights how big of an event this is for a lot of people.

Thanks for reading along everyone! Along with the photos on ill.motion I hope this gives you an idea of what was on display at Sunday School this year. Thanks once again to ill.motion and everyone involved for making this happen; now we’re left wondering though, will it be back at Max Bell next year or will it be held in a bigger venue? With the number of people wanting to register space is definitely an issue, but that’s a good problem to have; the fact that so many people want to be a part shows that iM is doing something right.


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