Guy’s Fit, AKA Blue Cheese

Having taken a look at photos from Sunday School, now I want to highlight some of the work that went on leading up to the event. With the deadline set a number of us (myself included) were working on our cars to change them up for the show. An occasion like this is a good excuse to update the cars, so in the weeks and days leading up to the 17th we were busy in our workshop – The MacKenCo Garage as we call it – and one of the cars that spent some time there was Guy’s Fit.

About the Blue Cheese title – with the two Foci becoming known as Mustard and Ketchup, we started trying to figure out condiment names for others’ cars. Some were easy (like Mayo, Vlad’s and Brandon’s STs) but others were harder. While not quite in line with the rest of the nicknames (thinking of a blue condiment was hard), Mario came up with Blue Cheese for the Fit so that’s what we’re running with right now. Haha.

Anyway, Guy’s Fit is a case of less is more, with just relatively small number of changes really making a big impact on the car. A little earlier this season it was fitted with JDM tail lights and new coilovers, and a bright white set of Buddy Club wheels were later installed making him a member of the white wheel crew, but in between all that he, myself, and Mario had it in the workshop for some other changes.

Blue cheese 2

Guy wanted to wrap the roof in matte black so we pulled off the roof rack and got to work one night. Not having a sunroof made the job pretty straight-forward, and with the car being so low we could reach the whole surface fairly easily. With the rest of the black accents I think it was a good choice.

The rear wing had to come off for the wrap, and when it came time to re-install it we added some spacers to raise it up slightly. It’s a small detail but we were all very happy with how it looked.

Blue cheese 1

With some vinyl added, we then set about taking some off. You can very easily look at the car and not notice, but the factory-applied black vinyl framing the doors’ windows was partially removed – see how above the windows the blue paint can be seen? One section was damaged and would have had to be replaced, but once it was removed we really liked how it looked so we went ahead and pulled that section of vinyl off of the rest of the doors too.

Also, this thing really is low.

Blue cheese 3

Since it was part of our group at Sunday School, the Fit wears one of our commemorative decals. Sparkly!

Blue cheese 4

I’m biased of course but the white wheels look awesome on the little Fit. The effort needed to keep them clean really pays off! Until they’re dirty again. Which happens after about ten seconds of driving. The struggle is real.

They were the perfect finishing touch though, and fortunately Guy was able to get them in time.

Blue cheese 5

These photos were taken during a day in Canmore over the long weekend, when we decided to do some sight-seeing and get out of town for a little bit. We went to one of our favourite photo locations (which you may have recognized from other pictures seen on the site) because I wanted a few shots to show the work that had been performed to Blue Cheese. We happened to see a few friends out in the Canmore/Banff area as well as it seemed everyone had the same idea that day. Nice weather, long weekend, why not go driving?

After all, before we know it it’ll be w…. actually, I can’t utter that word. I’ll just say ‘not summer’.


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