Grey Eagle – September 24th

I wanted to share these photos from September 24th’s Grey Eagle because it was the last ‘official’ meet of the year at the casino. This doesn’t mean people will stop arriving on Wednesday nights to hang out (we were there the following week for the Focus meet) but there won’t be any more food, drinks, or a roped-off area for us until next season. As I reason however, if there’s no snow on the ground and it’s not freezing outside we might as well keep going and enjoy it while we can!

On the 24th a good variety of vehicles arrived and there were even some that we didn’t recall seeing before. Night arrives pretty early now so it wasn’t long before we were standing outside in the dark but that didn’t stop us from having a good time.

Enjoy the photos, and if you’re free tonight head on over at around 6pm and join us!

GE Sept 24 2014 1

GE Sept 24 2014 2

I enjoy checking out the trucks on display, both those that are slammed to the ground…

GE Sept 24 2014 9

…and the others that are lifted up away from it.

GE Sept 24 2014 3

GE Sept 24 2014 4

A&W Root Bears are a common sight as is other memorabilia from the company.

GE Sept 24 2014 5

GE Sept 24 2014 6

I’m sure the idea of using a dually as a ‘show’ vehicle will confuse some but just look at how this thing sits! It looks mean with the pronounced cowl on the hood and those extra wheels out back. I also like how there’s no wheel gap or tuck, instead showing what looks to be a very carefully-calculated stance with the rolling stock perfectly filling up the arches.

GE Sept 24 2014 7

This year we have been fortunate to see a selection of R34s arrive and they can now be reunited with their older siblings that have been in the country for a little while.

GE Sept 24 2014 8

The G37 is the odd one out here being LHD, but look at that line-up! S15, R32, R34, Evo IV; what’s your favourite import?

GE Sept 24 2014 10

GE Sept 24 2014 14

GE Sept 24 2014 11

One of the show-stoppers at the meet was this flawless white 911. Heads were turning when this arrived and we were part of the crowd that quickly gathered around it.

GE Sept 24 2014 12

This was also an exciting day for us because the paper copies of Performance Ford – with our feature – finally arrived in stores! I made sure to have one on the dash that evening and our Foci are even shown on the cover so everyone could see they we were in the issue. Along with the magazine drawing attention this was the first meet with the new wheels so lots of people were asking about them.

GE Sept 24 2014 13

The last shot for today is of this super clean S15 that was parked with us. Along with the FR-S/BRZ, the S15 is (in my opinion) one of the cars that best pulls off body kits. With so many good-looking full kits available I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

As I mentioned we still attended the following week even though it wasn’t an official GE event, as we hosted the Focus meet there. It was great to see some new faces out and I have some photos from that – a post will be up soon!


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