Mk3 Hatch: The FULL OEM Spoiler Guide

Over the years we’ve published quite a number of posts that really dig into details and specifics of the Mk3 platform, and today’s is going to be another one of those. If you’re a fellow Mk3 geek and have been curious about these specifically I hope this answers some questions or offers some insight. If you’re not, all I can hope is that it’s at least still interesting. Posts like this have regularly been met with great feedback and I’m hoping that today’s provides some useful information for any other owners/builders of these cars who find it now or in the future. Mk3 hatchback spoilers – let’s take a closer look!

The idea for this post originated when I, by sheer luck, managed to find an OEM Black Pack spoiler locally and snatched it up. Over the years I have seen quite a bit of confusion regarding the Black Pack and ST spoilers (mainly, not knowing that they are indeed two completely separate items and not just the same part in different colours) and realized it’d be the perfect chance to do a proper side-by-side comparison since I also had an OEM ST spoiler in my parts collection. However, I then figured that given I now had three of the four factory hatchback spoilers it only made sense to get my hands on the fourth to complete the set – albeit temporarily – for a full comparison (gotta catch ‘em all). Naturally that fourth was the RS spoiler and Mario just so happened to have one sitting in storage since Selsun is running an ST piece these days. He kindly grabbed it for me so that I could hang on to it for a little while and wait for a half-decent day on which to line them all up and fit each one to Arabis.

To go with this, some after-hours parts catalogue digging at work gave me the part numbers and pricing for the various components, for anyone who wants or needs to buy anything shown here and wants to save time by simply running to their local dealership (or having exact numbers to search eBay with). Oh yes, Mk3 geekery is in full effect here today!

To go with this post there is also an abbreviated version of the information in video form on the YouTube channel, as linked above. If you want the basic visual comparison of each piece you can click play and check that out, or if you want the full breakdown with part numbers, what cars they were fitted to, and more, keep on reading! As a final note, this post is on hatchback spoilers specifically because unlike with the sedans Ford actually gave owners a handful of options here. Sedans simply had the choice of spoiler or no spoiler. Boo.



We might as well start off with the “base” spoiler here, AKA the one that most Mk3 hatches received but nobody really wants, as proven by the fact that basically everyone replaces it. This was what SE, SEL, and Titanium* hatchbacks received from factory (unless optioned with Black Pack, we’ll get to that) and there’s not much to say about it beyond that. No crazy design, no cutouts, no second level, and from factory is paired with a red third brake light.

*Remember, there were no S hatchbacks. That trim level was only on sedans.

Black Pack:

Next up, going in order in terms of aggression, we have the Black Pack spoiler. This was fitted to hatchbacks as part of the, well, Black Pack that was introduced for the 2013 model year*. Only offered on SE hatches at the time (in 2014 SE sedans could also receive it, and when the SEL trim returned a few years after it too had the option), MY2013 cars equipped with it received the black headlights and fog light bezels from the Titanium, the Piano Black grilles (over the standard plastic pieces), black mirror caps, and finally this spoiler. You’ll note that this piece features two cutouts and as standard comes with a clear third brake light, and this specifically is where the confusion stems from as the ST spoiler also features cutouts like these (and a clear lens too) although the rest of the design is indeed different.

*It was also available separately through Ford Accessories but the only way to get it from factory was via the Black Pack, so it’s referred to as the Black Pack spoiler.

Looking at the two side-by-side, the ST’s offering is much more squared off when viewed from behind as opposed to the generally round appearance of the Black Pack spoiler. Additionally, note how the body line from the roof carries onto the Black Pack spoiler and curves up to run across the top. This is probably the easiest way to tell it apart from the ST version.

What the Black Pack spoiler is in fact, is the factory piece from the Zetec S (which later evolved into the ST-Line) models sold overseas. It is the exact piece, even showing a “Made in UK” stamping underneath. Interestingly, while we did receive the ability to option the Zetec S/ST-Line body kits here (that’s what Arabis’ Sport Package kit is), even with them our hatchbacks still received the base spoiler unlike their overseas counterparts which would gain this piece as well and have it finished in body colour. You’d either have to also option the Black Pack (I believe you could option them together? If possible, you’d then have to respray the spoiler and mirror caps) or fit the spoiler after the fact to replicate the look.

*While the Mk3 platform was facelifted for the 2015 model year, as far as my research showed the Zetec S package wasn’t updated to become the ST-Line package until 2016. Therefore, given it’s a ‘15 model, Arabis’ overseas cosmetic counterpart would be called a Zetec S and not an ST-Line.


Moving up in terms of aggression again, we then have the actual ST spoiler. As noted it also features a pair of cutouts like the Black Pack piece does and also comes with the clear lens as standard, but just as the side profile of the Black Pack was the easiest way to identify it, that too is the easiest giveaway for an ST piece. Notice how the spoiler immediately kicks up and then levels off – along with the more squared-off look from behind, it is substantially more aggressive and pronounced than the Black Pack piece and with the relative ease of finding used examples now it’s no wonder that so many non-ST hatchback owners fit them. It was the only option for – and only found on – STs during their production run from 2013 through 2018, and like the base and Black Pack pieces was never changed during that run.


Finally, we have the insane RS spoiler. There’s no mistaking this for anything else with its two-level design and two-tone finish. This is also the one that you really have to be careful with, as if you fit it to a non-RS you’re an idiot. You’re also an idiot if you remove it from an RS in favour of something else. At least, you are according to (all but a couple of) RS owners.

Risk of internet hatred aside, fitting an RS spoiler is no different (hardware aside) to any of the others although there is a very substantial cost difference here so if you’re after one, do not hesitate if you find an OEM takeoff for sale. I’ll get more into the pricing of everything below but I’ll say this: one could buy a few ST spoilers brand new from Ford for the price of a single RS piece, and a single ST spoiler is already over $2,000 Canadian. Quite literally, you could very easily buy a running and driving pre-facelift Mk3 for the price of a brand new Nitrous Blue RS spoiler, although there is a cheat code for this. I’ll get to that below too.

We’re gradually seeing a few more used RS spoilers coming up for sale here and there, but with the relatively limited numbers of RS models (’16-’18 only) they’re still scarce.

The only oddity to note with the RS spoiler is that while it does of course use the same mounting points as the other pieces, it does have its own unique hardware for the central three holes (the larger blue bolt shown here). I couldn’t dig up a part number for these bolts but a hardware store would have something if you can’t get your hands on the OEM parts.


With the spoilers now well and truly looked at, you thought we’d be finished with the geekery for today? Oh no, that was just chapter one; you can’t talk about the Mk3 spoilers without also talking about the third brake lights.

The reason behind this has to do with not just the fact that the third brake lights are integrated into the spoilers, but because the washer nozzles for the rear window are then integrated into the third brake lights. With the varying designs of the spoilers the third brake lights find themselves positioned at different angles, and because of this the washer nozzles have to be aimed slightly differently to ensure that they’re actually going to spray in the path of the wiper, not above or below it.

This is important to note because, as fitted from Ford themselves, only the base Focus spoiler has a red third brake light whereas the Black Pack, ST, and RS versions all have clear, and many owners find themselves wanting to switch to the opposite colour. If you don’t need to care about the sprayer – perhaps you have a wiper delete – you can simply fit any third brake light and be on your way. If you do want to retain the full functionality of the washer nozzle however, you either need to pick up a specific version of the light you want or swap in the washer nozzle from the spoiler’s original light.

Below is a table showing which lamp you’ll need based on which spoiler you have/want to fit, and which colour of light you wish to run with it. Again, as an alternative you can simply switch the spoiler’s original washer nozzle into a new light if you happen to find the “wrong” piece in the colour you’re after. You’ll notice that the Fiesta ST light is included in the list as well; I’m pretty certain it’s the exact same light for all Fiestas but the ST is the trim usually referenced, and it’s the piece needed for a red lamp for Black Pack/ST spoilers. Finally, one fun oddity is that the clear RS light – or at least Selsun’s original did – runs the red “base” nozzle so Ford didn’t even bother to cast a copy in black to better match the lens.

Red Light Clear Light
Base Spoiler Original (Base)


Focus RS


Black Pack Fiesta ST


Original (BP/ST)


ST Fiesta ST


Original (BP/ST)


RS Base Focus


Original (RS)



Oh yes, chapter three now. The final level of geekery for today. As a way to conclude all of this spoiler discussion, there are a few final things to throw in just to have all of the information in one place. Note that prices are in Canadian dollars and were all recorded in February 2021.

Pricing and Part Numbers:

Spoiler Part # and Retail 3rd Light Part # and Retail
Base CP9Z-5844210-BA


8A6Z-13A613-Q (Red)


Black Pack BM5Z-5844210-AB


8A6Z-13A613-R (Clear)


ST CM5Z-5844210-AA


8A6Z-13A613-R (Clear)


RS G1EZ-5844210-AF (Frozen White)

-AG (Stealth)

-AH (Magnetic)

-AJ (Shadow Black)

-AK (Nitrous)

Pricing varies, from $3773.10 (Shadow Black) to $7249.02 (Nitrous)

G1EZ-13A613-B (Clear)


Fiesta ST 8A6Z-13A613-S (Red)


*Note that the third brake light part numbers here are for the lights that would be original to that spoiler.

Less Expensive OEM RS Spoiler:

This one is odd, but it works. As noted the RS spoiler is thousands of dollars, but that’s if you use the part numbers shown above. If, however, you go to the Ford Performance catalogue you’ll note that they have the “2016-2018 Focus RS Rear Spoiler Kit” listed, in which you receive a factory RS spoiler finished in Shadow Black with the matching clear third brake light for a retail price of around $1000 USD. Needless to say, if you’re wanting to buy a brand new piece this is the way to go.

Part number: M-5844210-RS

Nylon clips: 

To go with the spoiler you may find yourself needing to replace one or both of the white clips that help secure it in place. They can break easily upon removal – especially in the cold – but fortunately they’re the same across all hatchbacks so if you find a Mk3 in the junkyard you could always try to get some from it. If you want or need to buy new however, they’re only a couple of dollars each. They come in packs of four, and each spoiler takes two.

Part number: W713489-S300. Retail: $2.13 each.

Will it Fit My 20xx Model Year?:

Whereas for sedans the rear wing was revised as part of the 2015 facelift, throughout the production run of the Mk3s hatchbacks Ford never updated the spoilers (or the top of the hatch) in any way. You can pull a spoiler off of any ’12-18 hatch and fit it to any ’12-18 hatch.

Accessory Winglets:

On top of the four factory-fitted spoilers Ford did also offer a “Rear Winglet” kit through their accessories program, to fit atop the base spoiler. However I don’t believe many were ever sold and when I checked in our system I couldn’t find a single set in stock anywhere, so these may be gone. Regardless it was another option and perhaps there are some sets floating around out there that may wind up in a junkyard or on eBay in the future.

Part number: FM5Z-5844210-A. Retail: $451.18

3dCarbon Spoiler:

Driven 2012 31

Lastly, we should also quickly mention the 3dCarbon piece. Along with the lip kits that they offered for both sedan and hatch – and the uber rare sedan wing as seen on Mustard – 3dCarbon did also offer a spoiler for the ’12+ hatchback. It was very closely modeled on the factory Zetec S unit but the cutouts were larger and the bodyline did not run seamlessly from the roof and up and over, instead being broken up.  I’m not sure if these are available any more but there are some out there, and if you can find one it’d be a good way to set your hatch apart with a relatively rare component that would fly under the radar to all but the most die-hard enthusiasts.

And with that, I do believe that today’s post has well and truly covered all of the information that could ever be needed regarding the factory Mk3 hatchback spoilers. This ended up being a much longer entry than even I had expected, but I do hope that regardless of when you’re reading this – the day it was published or years down the line – it serves as a useful resource to answer any and all questions regarding this one area of the cars. This took quite a while to put together – ensuring I had all of the details correct and part numbers located – but it was quite fun to do as well. With that though it’s now time for me to make a final decision on which spoiler to fit to Arabis as part of its mini build. Do I go with my original plan of the ST piece, or take the newfound opportunity to fit the Black Pack version and replicate the look of a Zetec S/ST-Line car? Rest easy RS owners, at least it won’t be receiving that sacred spoiler.


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