Quarry Park and Polish 2014 – Part 2 (Yes, really)

I’m sure that some have been wondering what exactly happened to the Park and Polish 2014 Coverage. Part 1 was posted following the show (http://officialthreetwenty.com/2014/10/05/quarry-park-and-polish-2014-part-1/) but Part 2 sort of…wasn’t. What gives?

Well, it had been planned that Part 2 of my coverage was to appear on ill.motion, and then as I’ve done in the past I’d add an Extras post here to go along with it. For those unfamiliar with Extras posts, (click the category link on the sidebar to see the others), to accompany a post on iM sometimes I’d repost a few of the photos here with additional comments and commentary on them. It would allow me to provide more explanation, or background, or ramblings without cluttering up the iM post and I’d then link back to iM for the full story and set of images.

The initial plan had been for my photos to be included their coverage of the show, but as images were compiled that plan was changed and mine were to be reserved for their year-end “Re-up” series. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts this year meant that sadly the review could not be put together so the images were no longer waiting to be posted.

With that, I decided that the best option would be to resume the coverage here even though it’s a few months later. So for now, we will travel back in time…not to 1985, nor 1955, but 2014 (and I promise I’ll stop with the Back to the Future references*).


Anyway, as I mentioned in the original post, Part 1 was our group of cars and comments on the show and Part 2 would feature the other machinery on display. With that in mind, I suppose as good a place as any to start is with the cars near us and from there I’ll carry on to the other areas of the show.

QPP 2014 18

A couple of spots over from Andrew’s Focus was this R32 GT-R N1, a regular at Park and Polish and other events around the city. The owner of this always displays a model version along with the real car and has a small write-up explaining the significance of the vehicle for those that are unfamiliar with Skylines.

QPP 2014 19

No modified car show today would be complete without some of the Toyota/Subaru twins present so it was no surprise to see some at Park and Polish.

QPP 2014 20

And along with the new FR twins were some Supras, the presence of which was a bit of a surprise. Not too many of these are seen around here.

QPP 2014 39

One thing I really miss from older cars are pop-up headlights. They’re just plain cool.

QPP 2014 21

At the opposite end of the spectrum to the preserved-as-is N1 was this pretty heavily modified R32. I didn’t even notice until I went through the photos, but note how the hood’s underside had to be cut to provide clearance, presumably for that massive turbo you can see peeking over the valve cover.

QPP 2014 22

Aldrich’s last and current projects were both at the show. The new owner of his old WRX brought it out and it ended up parked next to his new wagon.

QPP 2014 37

Arif had Hollie, his Civic, present. He’s had it for quite a while and instead of selling it and starting over on another project, he keeps updating it to keep it fresh.

QPP 2014 38

At the end of the row was Yolanda’s Mazda 3. I can actually spy her in this photo, spotting me grabbing a shot of her car and smiling about it. Haha.

QPP 2014 25

Park and Polish always has an extremely impressive selection of supercars on display and this year one of the highlights was a brand new Huracan. It was apparently the first one in the country and was acting as a demo car.

QPP 2014 23

The Huracan wasn’t the only Lamborghini on display though, with Gallardos and Aventadors also present.

QPP 2014 24

This SLS AMG Black was one of my personal favourite cars from the show, and that has nothing to do with the fact that it’s bright yellow. Well, maybe a little…but it’s a Black regardless which is downright cool. It looks angry just sitting still.

QPP 2014 26

Thinking back, I’m pretty sure the supercars on display could almost make a complete rainbow if parked in the correct order. Also, where else will you find an Aventador, 650S, and F40 parked together?

QPP 2014 29

Are references to the song Black and Yellow still used? No keys, push to start.

QPP 2014 27

Which would you choose? The new, technologically-advanced McLaren 650S or the classic, stripped down Ferrari F40?

QPP 2014 28

Everything about supercars is impressive – the styling, the performance, the engineering – but I often find myself staring at the interiors the most. Modern cars like this 650S feature such a beautiful combination of materials, such as the carbon fiber and Alcantara seen here.

QPP 2014 40

The F40 was the only one of the trio for which I don’t have an interior shot, as it was all closed up.  I can’t blame the owner for keeping it that way, with all of the crowds around.

QPP 2014 30

If you ain’t first, you’re last.

QPP 2014 33

Contrasting the Skittles-like colours of some of the other cars present, this Gallardo was much more subtle with just a hint of yellow from the calipers.

QPP 2014 31

A few rally cars were on display including this 1968 911 which stood out. It was in good condition too, but showed a few expected battle scars.

QPP 2014 32

The interior was proof that a stripped down and bare-bones cabin can also be tidy and organized.

QPP 2014 44

Next to the 911 was an Evo, also prepped for rally though a little less extreme.

QPP 2014 34

Random shot of an R8’s taillight because they look cool…

QPP 2014 35

Along with the rest of the trophies waiting to be handed out that day was this ‘World Champion’ belt up for grabs.

QPP 2014 36

I showed them in Part 1 but as a reminder, here were the other awards for the various categories set up. Describing them as such doesn’t do them justice but the simple fact is they were used rotors…the coolest used rotors ever!

QPP 2014 41

I didn’t spend as much time in the Domestic section as I did the other two but it wasn’t due to a lack of nice vehicles, rather me just hanging out in our section with friends, and also admiring the supercars for a while. Attending Grey Eagle each week means that some of these cars I’d seen before and in detail already but I still made my way through to see what people had brought out.

QPP 2014 42

There was naturally a C7 at Park and Polish, as they had been a constant at shows and meets throughout the year, but I’m not sure if I’d seen this exact one previously. The older Corvette I remember seeing before though, as it’s hard to miss to say the least. A sleeper, this is not.

QPP 2014 43

Just as Corvettes can be expected at a car show, Mustangs can be too. Hopefully this year some new ’15s will be brought out by their owners!

QPP 2014 45

Woodridge had a couple of Ford’s latest (well, one is technically Roush’s) performance models on display to hopefully attract showgoers’ attention.

QPP 2014 46

Or perhaps those didn’t interest you because you’re more of a Chevrolet person? This appropriately-coloured trio of Camaros parked together by one of the building entrances.

QPP 2014 47

To finally wrap up the Park and Polish coverage, it’s back to the ‘tuner’ section for a shot of this gorgeous R34 GT-R. This may be a 16+ year-old design now but it continues to age well and still look menacing.

Thanks for looking! Now it’s time to go back to the…present. Where we still need roads. Actually, we need roads clear of snow. Those would be nice.


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