Stancing Through the Snow

In a 160-horsepower sleigh,

Over speedbumps we go,

Scraping all the way!

Jan 2015 Focus photoshoot 1

Okay, so it may be a bit late for Christmas carol parodies, but who cares. Nothing has happened to the Focus lately but recently I did make a point to grab a few photos since the car was clean (by winter standards) and having a snowy background would be a nice contrast to the bright yellow paint.

This is my fourth winter with the Focus now (that was fast!) and it’s still proving to be a fantastic winter car. Keep your leather, heated cloth seats are the best!

Jan 2015 Focus photoshoot 5

The Cup Spoilers are certainly standing up to winter, helping to move some snow around when necessary. The 3M means I don’t have to worry about paint damage (on the visible surfaces) and since their fit is so precise and tight on the car I don’t see them coming off any time soon. If something happens and they do get pulled off of the car, I’ll probably have bigger issues considering just how much force that’d take.

Jan 2015 Focus photoshoot 4

I still feel that the back of the car needs more work to match how aggressive and low the front is and hopefully 2015 will be the year I can address that. Being a sedan my car has less parts available than its hatchback siblings but that’s nothing some creativity can’t remedy. Speaking of parts, with spring approaching I have been working on some plans for the new season and the first item has already been ordered! Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can install it and of course, you’ll be seeing more info about it once that happens. For now though, I’m not sharing any details.

Jan 2015 Focus photoshoot 3

I still get asked from people if I’ve either parked the Focus for winter or raised it up, and once they find out I’ve done neither the next question is usually how I can even manage to drive it around at its height. This is the lowest car I’ve ever driven through winter but so far it has been smooth sailing. Some snow gets picked up now and then but it’s still working just fine as my daily driver! Keeping it in its former summer setup for winter was definitely worth the cost of the new tires.

Jan 2015 Focus photoshoot 2

I apologize for the lack of updates lately, but like I said not too much has been happening. There should be something coming in the next little while though which should help make up for it, as I’ve been let in on a secret project which is approaching the finish line. Stay tuned for that!


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