The ST’s big, bad brother. Hello RS.

Yesterday was an important day for Ford Fans, as the wraps officially came off of the company’s latest performance model which then promptly invaded the interwebs and social media. At last we can see the beast that is the 2016 Focus RS.

2016 Focus RS 1

There is still further information to be shared as Ford reveals more about the new hot(ter) hatch, but what has been announced already is enough to grab fans’ attention and show that Ford wasn’t messing around when they brought the RS badge back to a Focus.

2016 Focus RS 2

A 2.3L Ecoboost engine sits under the hood, reportedly delivering over 320 HP. All that, from a Focus, from the factory!

2016 Focus RS 3

Thankfully a 6-speed manual will be present giving drivers a third pedal to play with, but the real headline I feel is where the power goes after that…

2016 Focus RS 4

… which would be to ALL FOUR wheels! After countless online debates over whether or not the new RS would be FWD or AWD, an end can now be put to them because it’s no secret any more. Those rear wheels aren’t just along for the ride, but will be helping to put that power to the ground. From what I have learned so far it would seem Ken Block had been pushing the idea for a while and Ford made it happen!

2016 Focus RS 5

Naturally, aesthetics would also be important to the RS because it had to look more purposeful and menacing, and I think it certainly achieves that. Frankly, I was a little surprised to see no hood vents and I was partially expecting new side skirts too, but the new bumpers and wing mean this won’t be mistaken for a standard Focus, or even an ST.

2016 Focus RS 6

So at last the Focus RS is back with substantial power, four driven wheels, wild bodywork, and the tech and features you’d expect in a Mk3 Focus. The single best part however, is that it’s finally a global car. I can’t wait to see one in person.


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