The Mk3 Focus sedan gets some love from Ford!

Maybe Ford listened? It wouldn’t be the first time during the production of the Mk3. Originally, our Focus Titaniums only had the DCT transmission available, but after plenty of comments (slash criticism) from owners and fans, later in the 2012 model year the manual transmission was offered as well.

Next, many owners of SEs were swapping out their stock chrome headlights and fog light bezels for the black and chrome pieces from the Titanium trim level, myself included. When the 2013 model year started there was a new option package introduced for SE hatchbacks, called the Black Pack, which included the Titanium headlights and fog light bezels.

And now, as I found out the other day, the facelifted sedans (2015+ models) get a new a lip kit! I have said it before on the site, but hatchbacks have always had more appearance parts available for them, not just in the aftermarket but also from Ford directly. Along with the ST body parts there’s also the Zetec-S lip kit and the Black Pack rear wing available for the 5-doors. Sedans meanwhile were stuck with one spoiler and nothing but the unpainted plastic lower trim.

Facelift Focus lip kit 1

Once I learned about this new option I went to do some exploring of the US Ford website (the Canadian site doesn’t yet allow the building of a ’15) and I found what I was looking for. The kit is available on SE sedans, as part of the Sport Package as well as the EcoBoost Package. It doesn’t appear to be available on its own, but perhaps Ford will release it as a stand-alone kit later on…though individual parts could always be ordered.

Facelift Focus lip kit 4

For comparison, here’s the same car sans the EcoBoost Package (and therefore the lip kit). Notice how the lower trim is in plain black and the front bumper lacks the add-on pieces along the bottom.

Facelift Focus lip kit 2

Overall it’s nothing crazy but it certainly changes the look of the car with a new valance and splitter up front as well as ST side skirts – they’re shown as just the standard pieces here but the real ’15 sedan I saw had the ST components. However, the piece that grabbed my attention the most is at the rear of the car…

Facelift Focus lip kit 3

There’s a new rear valance! Sedan owners finally get another option for dressing up the rear of their cars! Now, being a facelift model the trunk lid, tail lights, and bumper have been changed but the bumper/valance seam appears to be the same size and shape so this piece could potentially work on the ’12-’14 sedans as well. I may have to wait for a ’15 sedan to arrive here before I can properly compare the two, but this is promising. I’ll also be waiting for the Canadian site to be updated to see if/how this package can be added to a sedan as it could be different for our market.

As mentioned above the lip kit is added when either the EcoBoost Package or the Sport Package are specified. If you’re wanting to find these on the Ford site, for the EcoBoost package to be available you have to select an SE sedan with the 6-speed manual, and for the Sport Package you need an SE sedan with the 6-speed DCT.

EcoBoost Package: 1.0L Ecoboost engine with start/stop; 17″ wheels; fog lights; leather wrapped steering wheel; rear disk brakes; rear spoiler; front valance and splitter; ST side skirts; rear valance.

Sport Package: 17″ wheels; fog lights; leather wrapped steering wheel; paddle shifters; rear disk brakes; rear spoiler; front valance and splitter; ST side skirts; rear valance.

It took 3 years but there we have it, an optional OEM lip kit for the 4-doors! Now, how about a more aggressive spoiler to go with it? Please Ford?


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