Project Completed.

So the blog has been idle for a little while, as I’m sure everyone has noticed. This time of year is usually pretty hectic and it was no exception this time around, but that’s not the entire reason that no new posts have gone up. You see, there has been plenty going on in regards to the Focus but I wasn’t able to post about it because I actually wasn’t allowed to.

Focus March 2015

I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with Rebel Devil Customs and José on a rather special, and highly secretive, project over the winter months. It felt like the day would never come but at last we are ready and able to show the results of the months of planning and preparation that have taken place.

I need to extend a big thanks to Stampede Collision for their help with the final stages of this project as well – and specifically Dave, Devlin, and Lawrence for their direct involvement – as it couldn’t have happened without them.

I know that lots of you will like the results. We sure do.


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