New from RDC – The “ST Sedan” Rear Valance!

Some are aware of what the secretive project that RDC, myself, and Jose ( have been working on, is. Now it’s time for everyone to know! At long-last sedan owners have an ST-style valance to fit to the back of their 4-doors and add some aggression and style. Check it out below!

New ST Sedan Valance

This is something we’re very proud of and pleased with and we hope others will be too. As a bonus, the install is extremely simple and the total cost is next to nothing. For the sedan owners wanting more details, here they are:

1. Take a photo of the back of your car.

2. Take a photo of the back of an ST.

3. Open both in Photoshop or the editing software of your choice

4. Edit away!

RD meet 12

Okay, yeah. That photo wasn’t real. In case the epic editing skills didn’t tip you off, the truth is it was a crude Photoshop that was meant as a quick, last-minute joke. With April 1st right around the corner, Mike, Jose, and I thought we’d have a little fun especially since so many people have been asking for an ST sedan valance for so long. Sorry!

However, be sure to check back very soon as we unveil the actual end results of our work. No more lame jokes or Photoshops, we promise.


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