Grey Eagle – June 24th

I typically arrive at the Grey Eagle meets around 6 or just after, but it would appear that I should start arriving even earlier. It seems like half of the lot will be filled by that time with more cars and trucks steadily rolling in. It’s great to see so many people showing up but parking quickly becomes an issue!

I’ll skip a long introduction today because, let’s face it, what can I really say about the GE meets that’s new or different? It was a clear and warm Wednesday so I went to admire the vehicles, visit with friends, and grab some shots. Enjoy!

This week, as I was cruising through the lot looking for a place to park I saw Tyler and his father pulling in so I made my way over and claimed a spot by them.

GE June 24 2015 8

I remember when Tyler first mentioned he wanted to get away from complex modern cars and build an older vehicle, and made the switch from his Golf to this Chevy C10 pickup. Thanks to airbags this old truck now sits much lower than the factory intended.

GE June 24 2015 9

With no bed floor at the moment, the tank and compressors are on display for onlookers. I actually ran into Tyler not too long ago at a local Co-op and this thing definitely stood out in the sea of grey SUVs in the parking lot.

GE June 24 2015 28

Tyler’s father brought out his Chevy toy too – this beautiful old Corvette. I hadn’t seen this in person before.

GE June 24 2015 1

I’ve seen a green Challenger Hellcat at a few meets this year and assumed it was the same car each time, thinking there wouldn’t be many around here. Perhaps it wasn’t though? Apparently there are at least two green models in town. There’s 1414 horsepower right there.

GE June 24 2015 2

GE June 24 2015 3

GE June 24 2015 4

While gas-powered vehicles make up the majority of the selection each week, those powered by other means do show up as well.

GE June 24 2015 5

Inevitably enough cars and trucks arrive to outnumber the stalls in the lot, so some like this Mustang get parked along the fence. The detail in the paintwork was incredible!

GE June 24 2015 6

A number of dogs were enjoying the nice night as well, Penny included.

GE June 24 2015 7

Penny’s mom – Yolanda – had her 3 of course.

GE June 24 2015 10

If I were to ever pick up one of the twins (FR-S/BRZ) this is what I’d get. WRB BRZ.

GE June 24 2015 11

GE June 24 2015 12

Keith liked this decal so much when we saw it at the Calgary Mazda meet, that he got one for his car.

GE June 24 2015 13

And on the topic of decals, since Brandon’s nickname for his ST is LE YETI and he wanted to carry that theme further, he wrapped his center caps and applied a small yeti decal to each one.

GE June 24 2015 14

Bill sees S15. Bill drools over S15. Bill takes photo of S15. Bill still hasn’t bought an S15.

GE June 24 2015 15

GE June 24 2015 16

GE June 24 2015 17

GE June 24 2015 18

It shouldn’t be too hard to guess which car this engine bay is part of – the Veilside Fortune RX-7 made another appearance and again drew a decent crowd.

GE June 24 2015 19

GE June 24 2015 20

GE June 24 2015 27

This was a nice surprise – a classic Celica. Now if only Kyle would get his out of hiding and bring it out…

GE June 24 2015 29

GE June 24 2015 21

This little guy was really friendly and we were told he loved popcorn, so just after this photo was taken he received some to munch on (Remember, there’s food at these meets!). At this point I switched to my fisheye as I hadn’t shot with it in quite a while and wanted to play around with it for a little bit.

GE June 24 2015 22

It allowed me to capture more of the meet in one shot but still nowhere near all of it. For those unfamiliar with the size of these, take this and quadruple it.

GE June 24 2015 23

It was getting a little later so the lot had started to empty, but I kept wandering around. Down near the other end was this tasteful 240sx coupe with a tidy bay and a V8 swap.

GE June 24 2015 24

GE June 24 2015 25

Typically I’m not a fan of clear tail lights but I have been warming to them recently, especially the ones on the new Corvettes.

GE June 24 2015 26

Vents and scoops and splitters everywhere! Much aero.

GE June 24 2015 30

We were all confused when we saw this police cruiser – one that was obviously not a Calgary unit – rolling through the lot. As it turns out it was from the movie Fargo but it still left us wondering as to the legality of driving around in it.

This wraps it up for tonight – the new part which I hinted at in the last post has made a noticeable improvement in the Focus so I can now provide some feedback in the install post for that. It’s time to log the latest updates to the Foci so I’ll start on that this week and shed some light on what the sedan and hatch have received recently.

Also as a reminder, Sunday School is at the Max Bell Arena again, on August 9th! I’ve started the preparations for that as of course we’ll be attending, and it’s approaching fast!


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