Grey Eagle – July 8th

It’s easy to forget just how impressive the Grey Eagle meets are. In fact, calling them meets is probably understating it. We’re lucky that hundreds of amazing vehicles show up almost every week and we can admire them for free but it can be easy to just get used to it all and forget how special it is. Usually it’ll be Scott, and/or Brandon and I wandering through the lot but our group was larger than usual last week. Alex is attending now with his new TL and we also had a couple of others who hadn’t been before and were excited to see the gathering first hand. Paul (AKA benzondubs) resides in Edmonton but was able to make it into Calgary on the 8th, and prior to the meet we picked up Justin, a friend of mine from junior high, who was free that night and wanted to come with and see the cars.

Taking everything in with friends who are new to the meets and seeing their reactions was a great reminder of how amazing these are and how lucky we are to have something like this take place each week.

GE July 8 2015 1

Now, let’s get on to the photos from the 8th. I’m actually putting this post together following this week’s meet, so forgive me if there’s not as much in the way of captions and commentary this time around. It’s late and it’d be nice to get to bed before 2am for once. Haha. Hopefully you enjoy the photos!

GE July 8 2015 2

GE July 8 2015 3

GE July 8 2015 4

This was easily one of the most impressive engine bays that night. I dare you to find a spec of dirt or a scuff anywhere.

GE July 8 2015 5

GE July 8 2015 6

Yellow and white is such a nice combo, isn’t it? #notbiasedatall

GE July 8 2015 7

GE July 8 2015 8

GE July 8 2015 9

GE July 8 2015 10

GE July 8 2015 12

Not only was Paul able to make it into Calgary, but he was able to do so with his SE and was able to have it at Grey Eagle. It’s now sitting on white OEM ST wheels but retains its distinctive green Benzondubs stripe – the original.

GE July 8 2015 11

GE July 8 2015 13

Justin used to have an SC400 (which was an absolute blast) so we went over to check out this Soarer parked in the corner. We had a lot of fun cruising around with, and working on, both that and my Grand Prix way back when.

GE July 8 2015 14

GE July 8 2015 15

This Charger was definitely a stand-out because it was CLEAN. Despite what the photo shows it drew a good crowd.

GE July 8 2015 16

GE July 8 2015 22

GE July 8 2015 17

Then of course, I got distracted by a couple of Nissans. Shouldn’t come as a surprise…

GE July 8 2015 19

GE July 8 2015 20

GE July 8 2015 21

GE July 8 2015 18

I’ll close tonight with this mint-wrapped R32.  I don’t know what has been done in terms of performance (maybe nothing? It’s already an R32) but it was out again tonight and sounded pretty good merging onto Glenmore!

I have photos from tonight’s meet as well but I think first I’ll get into the Focus hatch’s latest modifications. It came with tonight so some were able to see the new parts in person and so far it has been nothing but positive feedback. More on that soon!


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